#MyStory: I Tried To Pole Dance At My Party And...

#MyStory: I Tried To Pole Dance At My Party And...
Under the influence of red wine, anything is possible (even falling off a stripper pole). For my birthday, my friends and I flew down to India’s tropical paradise, Goa. We planned for a chilled out birthday by the beach with a bonfire, but you know, things don’t always go according to plan...

A friend in our group insisted that we ditch the beach and go out dancing. He was so good at convincing that we all actually dressed up and decided to go for it. We drove down to a club near Baga beach. Since it was a Saturday, the club was totally packed.

Bodies sticking to each other, drinks spilling, professional belly dancers grooving to the beat, stripper poles standing tall around the club and thumping loud music in the background… There was a lot going on there!

The atmosphere was lively and all of us couldn’t help but dance and sing to our favourite tracks. Moments before the clock struck 12, the DJ announced my birthday and the whole club started singing ‘happy birthday’. It was the best feeling EVER! Unfamiliar faces came up to me and kept wishing me - I felt so special that night.

Internal fell off a stripper pole

Minutes after, my friends surprised me with tequila shots. As I gulped down two of them at one go, I started to feel a buzz. Not because I drank too much but because I was mixing my drinks. It was a good kind of tipsy though. While I was blankly staring at the stripper pole, one of my friends came up to me and challenged me to go up there and show off a move. It didn’t have to be seductive, a casual twirl would work just fine.

All my friends know that I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t shy away from challenges. I take them on and ace them! So I got up, caught the poll and started grinding against it. Since my friends’ cheers kept me going, I decided to do a...twirl. Unfortunately, the pole was so slippery that I lost my grip and fell flat on my face! Yes, I fell off a stripper pole!

My friends picked me up, and instead of feeling embarrassed, I burst into laughter! In fact, everyone who saw me fall was laughing with me. The club's staff was so nice that they even got me a cake and a complimentary glass of champagne after. No one has gotten over that incident ever since. Even today, my friends bring it up and we all have a good laugh about it.

Such memories are priceless. So far it has been one of the wildest and the most adventurous birthdays of mine. I’m probably never ever going to forget it!

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