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#MyStory: He Spiked My Coffee On Our Date And Then…

#MyStory: He Spiked My Coffee On Our Date And Then…

While searching for buyers to buy my wooden cupboard, I thought of uploading an ad on this popular app. Quite a lot of people contacted me and some came down to see the cupboard, out of which one stayed in touch. He seemed to be a nice guy, two years elder to me, recently shifted to my city. I don't usually like talking to strangers, but somehow, I couldn't avoid him.
We been chatting for weeks when he insisted on meeting me one weekend. I hesitated for some time, but then I figured that as he seemed decent, there was no harm in meeting him as a friend in a public place during daytime. So I finally told him that I was free on next Saturday and we could go out for a movie, in a busy mall, of course. Well, we met at the food court. He was decently dressed, wearing a nice smile on his face. While we were gulping down burgers, I felt so comfortable talking to him, it seemed like I had known him for years. It did not seem like a date at all, it seemed like we were very old friends, and I was glad that I made this decision to meet him. The movie was not bad at all, after which he said he wanted to have coffee. So we went to this coffee house a couple of kilometers from my place. I was sitting upstairs while he brought coffee for both of us from the counter downstairs, like a true gentleman. In just a couple of hours, I had gotten to know so much about him, and I felt happy just sitting there and talking to him. The coffee was nice, the conversation was crisp. Internal spiked drink
However, I had finished barely half of my cup when I realized that my head was spinning so hard that I found it difficult to sit straight. I could barely think of anything. Darkness was covering my eyes. Being an occasional drinker, I know how it feels when you are high, and I was feeling like I had had 6 or 7 drinks. I was freaking out. Something seemed really wrong. ‘Why is my head spinning?’ I asked, willing myself to be loud enough for everyone around me to hear. ‘Finish your coffee and I will drop you home’, was his reply. I was staring silently at my coffee mug. He again insisted that I drink it up.   What had I done! How could I trust a stranger to get me coffee from downstairs. By then, I had realized that my cup of coffee was spiked, but I couldn't think of what I should do next, now that I had consumed half of that spiked drink. ‘I'm going home, do not follow me’, I said, or rather shouted, and tried to get up. I couldn't. Suddenly I felt so helpless. Next thing I knew, he was trying to hold my hand. Gathering courage again, I shrugged his hand away, pinched myself hard and somehow managed to get up and go out of that coffee house. He did not follow me. I went to the next restaurant and drank some water. In their mirror I saw that my eyes were blood red. Yes, now I was sure that I was drugged. All I could think of was getting a cab and going back home. Luck favored me that day, as I got a cab in 2 minutes and reached home safely. For the next one hour, I was crying and puking, after which I felt better. My head was fine now, and I realized what I had done wrong.
The next day, I saw the mirror and was shocked to see green dark circles below my eyes. After visiting a doctor, I realized that it was one of the side effects of the drug. The dark circles lasted for weeks, and so did the scars on my heart. For days afterwards, I was scared that he would come and get me. I imagined him coming to my house, office, gym, everywhere. No place seemed safe to me. I did not have the courage to lodge a police complain. Now that it has been months, I think I should have. I have just one purpose behind sharing this story - to make sure that you are not the next me. Be cautious while meeting new people, and stay safe, girls! Images: Shutterstock  Have a story you’d like to share? Just drop us an email here with your story – don’t forget to put #MyStory in the subject line. We’ll get back to you about whether we can feature it.
Published on Dec 5, 2016
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