#MyStory: My Family Came Along On My First Date With My Fiancé!

#MyStory: My Family Came Along On My First Date With My Fiancé!
We met through our parents and agreed to get married to each other. Honestly, both our families were way more excited and eager than we were at that rishta meeting. It was like they had no trouble accepting this huge change of tide, while we couldn’t help sitting there and wondering if we made the right decision or not.

A month passed and we got busy getting to know each other over long, late night calls and cute little texts. And then one fine day, he asked me out. I had gotten so comfortable being over the phone with him, that the thought of meeting him made me nervous. More nervous than I was when we had first met, for then I hardly knew anything about him. Now, it was different.

“Or, do you think I should ask your dad, first? You know, take his permission to take you out”, he hesitated and asked me.

“Umm… I think so. Or maybe not. I mean, we’re getting married, why would dad object to us dating? Don’t worry, I’ll just tell him that we’ve planned to go out for a movie and dinner”, I replied and he laughed, relieved.

Internal first date with my fiance

But when I told dad about our plans, he asked me to take my younger brother along on my first date with my fiance! He reasoned that if I ran into some relative with my fiancé at the mall, it would be awkward for us, but not so much if my younger brother was with us too. I got super mad at this suggestion, but was surprised to see that I wasn’t the only one. For apparently my younger brother had no interest in third wheeling with us either. So he told Dad that he would go along only if my elder sister and brother-in-law came along to give him some company. Imagine that. A date of two soon became a party of 5 and I almost refused to go along with this crazy plan, but my fiancé asked me to stay put.

We met on the day we had decided and plans changed quickly. Movie and dinner got replaced with lunch, gaming, post lunch and more gaming – and by the end of those 5 hours, my fiancé seemed to have bonded super well with my family, and I loved the sight of all of them together.

And it was then that I realized that nothing in the world would have made me more comfortable with my fiancé than watch him make an effort to gel with my family, like this.

Oh, and I did go on alone dates with my fiancé, as well. Guess who helped me sneak out for them? My siblings who came along with me on my first date.

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