#MyStory: I Got A Call From My Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend And...

#MyStory: I Got A Call From My Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend And...
I met Siddharth at a school reunion party earlier this year. He was a good looking guy - cute smile, tall, dark and handsome. Even though he was a few months younger to me, that didn’t stop us from stealing glances, through the course of the night. It felt like an instant attraction. So it felt natural when he walked up to me and casually asked for my number.

A week after, we were texting day and night. We started meeting up for coffee, going out on random walks and watching movies together. Before we were sure of each other, we kept the relationship to ourselves. That meant no Snapchats, no Facebook check-in or statuses.

One fine day, he called me up and told me that he was below my building and wanted to meet me. I quickly put on my tee and jeans and dashed out to meet him. There he was, standing below my building, with a bouquet of white lilies and a necklace. That was the day he proposed to me. I couldn’t contain my excitement and immediately said ‘yes’ without allowing him to even complete his sentence.

I’ve been in a couple of relationships before, but nothing felt as good as this one. He was loving, caring and attractive in every aspect. He could even give Prince Charming a good competition (not kidding).

Internal he left his girlfriend

All was going well, until I got a call from an unknown number. It was from a girl who claimed that she was Siddharth’s girlfriend. Hearing that made my heart skip a beat, but there was something about her soft, mellow tone that convinced me to hear her out. She told me that she had been dating Siddharth’s for seven years and ever since I came into the picture, he had left her for me.

She admitted that she had strong feelings for him and wanted him back. I felt bad for her situation and promised that I’d get in touch with her later. As soon as I got home, I freshened up, took a deep breath and called Siddharth. I told him that his girlfriend had called me and that I wanted some clarity on the situation. Moments after hearing this, he hung up on me. That wasn’t just rude of him, it was like he didn’t want to confront the situation.

After a while of receiving no calls or texts from him, I started to get worried. I decided to call up his girlfriend but she didn’t have a clue about his whereabouts either. I realized I had had enough, since I knew he was staying with flatmates and not at his parents’ house, I mustered the courage to go to his place and get to the bottom of things.

As soon as I rang the doorbell, Siddharth opened the door. He looked at me as if he had seen a ghost and told me to go home. I told him I wouldn’t leave without an answer. It took him 20 long minutes to open the door and invite me inside.

After much hesitation and convincing, he spilled the beans. The answer was that he simply fell ‘out’ of love and didn’t see a future with her. According to what she had told me, it felt like she had done nothing to provoke him to leave her. I guess, her love simply wasn’t enough…

Hearing what he had to say, I packed my bag and made my way to the door. He pulled my hand and held me close to him, begging me not to leave. Although, I really liked the guy, what he did was simply not okay. Today, he fell out of love with her and he left his girlfriend. What if he would do the same thing to me one day? That’s a risk I wasn’t ready to take.

I won’t settle for such love, I deserve better. I pushed him away, opened the door and left. I blocked the guy and his ex and decided to move on. Trust me, it was the best decision EVER! Our relationship is now a closed chapter. I can’t wait for a new one to unfold in the near future…

*Names changed to protect privacy

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