11 Stunning Hair Trends EVERY Girl Should Try In 2017!

11 Stunning Hair Trends EVERY Girl Should Try In 2017!
2016 was an eventful year for hair trends. A lot of girls sported various versions of a bob or ombre coloured locks. So with the year coming to a close, we can hardly wait to see what 2017 has in store for us in terms of our hair game. From last year’s trends we can make out how cool next year’s hair trends are going to be. Have a look at these fab hairstyles that are going to be huge in 2017 and take your pick, ladies!

1. Hint of red

1 hair trends - Sarah Hyland

Image: Sarah Hyland on Instagram

Red is the go-to hair colour for the most of us and it’s making a comeback in 2017. Colour your hair with a warm, soft and subtle shade of red so that it looks entirely natural and flattering. This will look so good with our Indian skin tones!

2. Bob with bangs

2 hair trends - Diana Penty

Image: Diana Penty on Instagram

Bobs and bangs are set to make a comeback in 2017 and anyone can slay this look. It doesn’t matter what your hair texture is, we’ve seen many a curly-haired girl rock a fabulous bob. You can either go for an A-line bob or a blunt bob with nice volume at the back. If you’re looking for a stylish change, this may be your answer.

3. Strictly sleek!

3 hair trends - Kendall Jenner

Image: Kendall Jenner on Instagram

Sleek wet hair meets the ponytail for a look that works for a casual event as well as any dressy do, Look sexy with this sleek ponytail hairstyle whenever you go out for a girls’ night out. We saw the sleek wet hairstyle killing it this year. To add some jazz to it, make a high ponytail and use a hairspray to set your hair.

4. Lovable 80s waves

4 hair trends - Priyanka Chopra

Image: Shutterstock

We love a lot about the 80s, including this sexy hairstyle! Curl your hair in loose waves with a hair curler and make a side parting. And voila, you’re ready to rock your easy everyday look. This hairstyle is so chic and laidback!

5. Deep side parting

5 hair trends - Sonam Kapoor

Image: Namrata Soni on Instagram

We love this simple yet sexy hairstyle where all you have to do is create an extreme side parting. You don’t have to do much but at the same time, this hairdo makes you look so bold and sharp! We are in love with this hair trend. Flipping you part to a deep side part is such a simple way to change up your look instantly.

6. Next level lob

6 hair trends - Sonakshi Sinha

Image: Sonakshi Sinha on Instagram

The long bob aka, the lob has been widely popular for a while now and this flattering crop isn’t going away anytime soon ladies. But it is getting a fabulous update in 2017. Add some stylish layers to your mid length chop to give it a fun, stylish twist. Layers will add some more shape and playful movement to this uber chic style.

7. Blue like the midnight

7 hair trends - Kylie Jenner

Image: Kylie Jenner on Instagram

We are totally swooning over Kylie’s midnight blue hair. It’s hair goals for every girl who wants to flaunt a super flattering and pretty colour. It’s a perfect fit for someone with black or dark hair, it looks so bold yet super pretty at the same time.

8. Au Naturel Curls

8 hair trends - keana texeira

Image: Shutterstock

If you are blessed with curly hair, don’t make an effort to straighten it because natural texture is going to be big next year! Flaunt your beautiful kinks and curls and it’s even better if you don’t comb it when you go out. It’s all about embracing what your hair wants to do naturally and we bet you’ll make heads turn with your natural texture.

9. Just like Posh

9 hair trends - Frieda Pinto

Image: Tamara Ralph on Instagram

Our own spice girl, Victoria Beckham started this trend and a number of celebs have swiftly followed in her fashionable footsteps. It’s a sleek hair look with a middle parting. Tuck the front of your hair behind your ears and see for yourself how chic you will look.

10. Keep it long and shiny

10 hair trends - Deepika Padukone

Image: Namrata Soni on Instagram

We have seen some short hairstyles this year, but 2017 is going to be about long dreamy locks. The next year is going to focus on extra long, healthy and shiny hair. When parted from the centre, this hairstyle will give your face a sharp look and will help in lengthening your facial structure too.

11. Lovely bed head

11 hair trends - Halle Berry

Image: Halle Berry on Instagram

Bed head looks super appealing on women as it gives them a ‘just woke up’ look which men find irresistible. Now, there’s a difference between a messy hairstyle and bed head as messy can be anything, from a messy braid to a messy bun. But bed head is the hair you wake up with, without brushing it at all. The best part? You don’t even have to put in much effort to achieve this hairstyle!

Featured Image: Shutterstock