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11 Mistakes To Avoid While Getting Your Shaadi Blouse Stitched!

11 Mistakes To Avoid While Getting Your Shaadi Blouse Stitched!

Every bride needs to keep a few things in mind while getting her wedding blouse stitched as it plays a very important role in her overall bridal look. If it isn’t stitched well, it can end up ruining your look and also spoil all the wedding pictures, after all, we don’t want any bra straps to show or have a stitch out of place. Thus, to avoid any mishaps, we have a few tips for you on how to get the perfect wedding blouse stitched.

1. Underestimate the fabric

The fabric is the core of the blouse. It is essential for you to do your homework before zeroing in on the fabric of the blouse. Some fabrics need lining while others may shrink or become tight after the lining is attached. Even the season of your wedding (summer or winter) is important while choosing your fabric. So, make sure you discuss these points with your designer/ tailor.

2. Choose sleeveless blouses

While sleeveless blouses look super chic, they are better for your mehendi or sangeet, rather than your wedding day. For your big day, choose something classier like long net sleeves with work on the cuffs or elbow-length sleeves that are super flattering. 2 wedding blouse

3. Not keeping margins

Remember that it is easier to make an outfit tight than it is to make it lose. Always keep some margin inside your blouse for your final fittings in case of some last-minute alterations.

4. Pick the blouse before the jewellery

Your wedding jewellery is an investment. Always pick your jewellery or decide the length and style of your necklace and earrings before getting the blouse stitched. The neckline of the blouse is dependent on the style of your neckpiece and the earrings. 4 wedding blouse

5. Keeping the length too short

You’ll have to bend a lot during the rituals and you don’t want too much of your back showing. Also, from the front, don’t have the length too high unless you can carry it off. It’ll only make you conscious when you’re sitting down for the pheras.

6. Restrict your arm movements

Right from the jaimala to the various other wedding rituals, you want to be able to move your arms freely. Make sure your arm movement is easy and flexible in terms of the fit of the armholes. 6 wedding blouse

7. Blindly follow a trend

Rather than blindly following a trend, let your body type decide which blouse design would flatter you the most. There are various blouse designs for different body types. Make a wise choice.

8. Measurements during your period

When we’re on our period, there is water retention in the body which causes bloating. There is usually a change in the body measurements during this time. It is always better to avoid getting giving measurements during that time of the month. 8 wedding blouse

9. Intricate work under the sleeves

The embroidery under your arms is just going to hurt you, scratch you and irritate you. You’re going to be in the outfit for long hours, so try and avoid it.

10. Ignoring the little details

You’re wedding blouse will be visible in every single picture. More than the lehenga itself! So attention to detail is a must. It is essential to never ignore the stitching of your wedding blouse and always make sure to pay attention to every little detail. 10 wedding blouse

11. A very deep neck

Since you are the bride, we recommend you to not have a very deep neck. More than anything else, you’ll be required to bend during the rituals and you don’t want to be feeling awkward or conscious throughout the night.
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Published on Dec 1, 2016
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