11 Little Things Girls Love More Than Grand Romantic Gestures!

11 Little Things Girls Love More Than Grand Romantic Gestures!
Forget the grand gestures, men, there is nothing that women like better than those tiny moments of pure and sweet love. Here are 11 little relationship things girls love! And we’ll take them over all that fancy-schmancy stuff any day!

1. Holding hands

Kissing and all is great but nothing beats holding hands. We can do it anytime, anywhere! It’s like slipping into a comfort zone...where we feel safe and loved!

2. Offering to help

No, we don’t mean that you should take charge and not let us do anything but it’s great to know that you guys want to help us. That, if need be, you’ll be right there, next to us! So guys, whether we say yes or no, always offer to help, no matter what the situation!

2 little relationship things girls love

3. Get us what you’re getting

If you are getting yourself a cup of coffee or even if you get up to get a glass of water, bring one more for us, at least sometimes? Yes, even when we don’t specifically ask for it. It doesn’t take too much of your time but still is an extremely sweet gesture.

4. Respect our opinions

Nothing makes us, women, feel more loved than a man who respects us, our ideas and our way of life. A man who doesn’t criticize us without any reason and who knows that our ideas are as important as his.

4 little relationship things girls love

5. Small mementos

It could be something that reminded you of us while you were walking down a market or even while you were simply surfing the internet. They don’t need to be expensive, just tiny things to let us know you are always thinking of us.

6. Listening. Period.

Seriously, there's nothing sexier than a man who can actually listen. Not just nod while waiting for it to get over but actually pay attention and care about what the woman in his life is talking about.

6 little relationship things girls love

7. Leaving cute notes

Because on the tough days, it’s the little things that keep us going. So if you know we have a rough or big day ahead of us, leave us little handwritten notes, motivating and reminding us that when this gets over, we can return to your safe arms.

8. Cuddles

Do we really need a reason to love cuddles?

8 little relationship things girls love

9. Quick replies

Late replies are not appreciated. Unless you are busy, in which case, let’s not start the conversation in the first place, yea? Sending replies after hours or days is just not a great feeling for the other person!

10. Truly talking about your feelings

It might be tough for you but here’s the thing - there is no need to keep up the tough guy act in front of us. We want to hear about it all - your problems and fears and happy moments. It makes us feel that you trust us and that is a great feeling!

10 little relationship things girls love

11. Remembering our friends’ names

Friends are an important part of everybody’s life. And that’s why it is important you try to remember our friend’s names. When we tell you about them or show photographs, remember who is who. This will also help you win brownie points with us when you finally do meet them!

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