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10 AMAZING Short Films That’ll Take Every Girl By Surprise!

10 AMAZING Short Films That’ll Take Every Girl By Surprise!

A weekend does not feel like a weekend unless you laze around in your PJs and binge watch your favourite TV series or random movies for hours on end. So just to give your weekend an interesting twist, here we have some short films with twists that will make you go ‘OMG!’

1. Chutney

What could a regular, middle class housewife from Ghaziabad possibly do when she finds out that a younger woman is trying to woo her husband? And what secrets could she have? Not many, right? Think again… This short film by LargeShortFilms may leave you a lil shaken.
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2. Nayantara's Necklace

The lives of two women, very different from each other, intertwine in ways none of them could ever have predicted. This short film, directed by Jaydeep Sarkar and starring Konkona Sen and Tillotama Shome, explores the fabric of the bustling metro cities...up close. This is a story that will send a chill down your spine by the time it ends.
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3. Kriti

Rachna, Kriti, Srijan… They all mean the same thing - creation. As Sapan’s doctor, Dr Kalpana, tries to help him overcome his hallucinatory state, it keeps getting more and more complicated. The line between imagination and reality keeps getting blurred… Until one day, it disappears. Shirish Kunder keeps you on the edge of your seats with this short film!
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4. Teaspoon

In this short film by Aban Bharucha Deohans, Kavita has been sitting at home for as long as she can remember, because her father-in-law is bedridden and sick. She cannot help but feel trapped. Her husband doesn’t seem to understand and then one fine day she’s had it upto the brim and something happens...
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5. Ahalya

Seduction, deceit and lust make for bad friends in this thriller by Sujoy Ghosh. A police officer enters an old man’s house, looking for information on a missing person. His wife, portrayed by Radhika Apte is almost half her husband’s age, is incredibly attractive. Things are nothing like they appear and he is about to discover just how complicated a web he is stuck in.
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6. The Guest

This award-winning short film directed by Ayappa.K.M is about a young guy’s car which breaks down in the middle of nowhere. After a long, tiring trek he knocks on the door of a house and an old woman answers. When he asks her if she knows where he may be able to find a mechanic, she says that he won’t find one at that hour. But she invites him to stay in her godown for the night, and promises to wake him up at 7 am. The next morning, things don’t go as planned...
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7. Neighbours Part 1 &2

Produced by humaramovie, this film is about a couple that is heartily tired of their neighbours who seem really weird. Their sex is as loud as are their fights. And then one day, gunshots are heard. The next minute...someone comes knocking on their door. Watch both the parts to see what happens. Part 1: 
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Part 2:
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8. Mehrooni

This one is a narrative by an observer who is used to seeing a couple every day at the Andheri station. They seem happy and so much in love. Since the narrator does not know them, he names them Mr. and Mrs. Sharma. One day, he suddenly stops seeing them, like they disappeared. What happened? Where did they go? Watch this short film by Faraz Ali to find out...
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9. Baba

This short film directed by Kartik Negandhi is about a man who drives his aged father to an old age home. When they reach there and are about to drop him off, he learns something he had no idea about. A cute twist, this one.
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10. Closure

When his fiancée refuses to marry him, he finds solace in an empty bench on the roadside. There he meets a woman, who is crying. They get talking, and after a few minutes she leaves in the cab he called for her. But then something happens and he realizes the need and meaning of closure. Directed by Rahul Bhatnagar, and a film by Natak Pictures, this short film will leave you thinking.
https://youtu.be/xnl9OOvds8s Ready to have a short film marathon this weekend?
Published on Dec 17, 2016
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