10 Amazing Tips For The Best Honeymoon Sex EVER!

10 Amazing Tips For The Best Honeymoon Sex EVER!
Admit it, while you have been busy planning the wedding to the last detail, secretly you are sooooo looking forward to your honeymoon. The relaxation after all that stress and your first time with him as Mrs – you sure have ideas on your mind – just like he does. We’ve got you covered with some really awesome tips for steamy honeymoon sex - these should easily heat up your vacay, ladies!

1. Get naughty

Even when you are out, do something to your partner all the time. Tease him - like casually putting your hand on his inner thigh or sucking on a lollipop in seductive way – just enough for him to rush you back to the hotel room.

2. Stock up on sexy lingerie

Nothing excites a man more than seriously sexy lingerie. Wear something that spells ‘eat me now.’ It makes the sex even more fun.

honeymoon sex

3. Go big on foreplay

Because sex is all about the foreplay, my girl! Don’t rush through it. Enjoy the undressing, the teasing, the touching. You could start at the beach if you like. *Wink*

4. Make a sexy wish list...

… Of all those fantasies you’ve always had in your head. Ask for his list too. Strike it off one after another. Be nice and return favours.

5. Genie outside a bottle

Many men like it when they are in a commanding position. Take turns and be his genie – for the day and/ or night. Let him do to your body whatever he feels like.

honeymoon sex

6. Bring your toys

Spruce things up a bit with some fun sex toys. Think vibrators, furry handcuffs, edible kinky stuff - the options are plenty.

7. Have a mouthful

If there is one thing that makes a man truly happy, it is a good round of oral sex. Use your tongue to the fullest.

8. Go on a hunt

The game to find your G-spot can be quite sexciting. And your honeymoon can be the time to play it. Keep a prize ready for him for when he finds it.

honeymoon sex

9. Like in the movies

Watch a movie together with your favourite sex scene - it will sure heat things up. Even better – replicate the scene in your room. You could do the same for a book.

10. Get a couples’ massage

To add to the tease and play with a hint of romance – a good couples’ massage will easily do the trick.

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