What Happened When I Sent A Nude Pic... To The *Wrong* Guy!

What Happened When I Sent A Nude Pic... To The *Wrong* Guy!
I don’t know if this was pure coincidence, irony or destiny, but my current boyfriend and my ex have the same name - Ankit! Poles apart personalities, but unfortunately, called by the same name. And truth be told, when it comes to saving people’s names on my phone, I was a really lazy person. I got the brunt of it by making the biggest blunder of my life! I sent a nude picture of myself to my ex…

It had been only three months since I had started dating my current boyfriend, Ankit. And, you know, at the beginning of the relationship, the spark is the brightest. I was really into him and we would text all through the day and night.

One day, he mentioned that he was going on a family trip to Dubai for a week. Although he promised to keep in touch via text, the thought of being away from him instantly made me feel glum.

Once he left, I didn't hear from him for three long days. My WhatsApp messages weren’t getting delivered nor was he reading his Facebook messages. I panicked! I was really worried about him. On the third day, I decided to take a bold step and text his mom. Just before I could hit send, I got a text from him. He apologized saying that he was caught up and didn’t have access to Wi-Fi. Reading this made me feel a bit relaxed.

He had so much to tell me that I was practically on my phone all the time. One night, while we were texting, he sent me a sext. I missed him so much, so of course I played along. His words made me crave his body and I couldn’t help but want him next to me in bed.

Internal nude picture

While our conversation was getting really hot and steamy, he asked me to send him a nude picture of myself. Without a second thought, I went into the bathroom, put on the lights, removed my top, unhooked my bra and turned my phone into selfie mode. I clicked a couple of them and in the heat of the moment, I just typed Ankit in the search bar and sent it to first name that popped up.

I eagerly waited for his reply, but it never came. After 10 minutes, my screen lit up and the first few messages were, “Whattt the?!”, “Why did you send these?!” and a few seconds later - “Ooo, you’re so hot!” None of these made sense until I checked the number. The moment I read the number, my heart almost stopped. It was then that I realized I had gotten myself into a really awkward situation.

I texted him saying that I was sorry and those images weren’t intended to be sent to him. I later went on to explain that my current boyfriend’s name is Ankit too. All he responded was a ‘K’.

Few minutes later, he texted me and wished me best of luck with my new boyfriend. He told me that he had deleted the snap and wanted to put this behind us.  

I don’t know if he really deleted it or not, but he did handle the situation pretty well. As for my current boyfriend, I haven’t told him about the incident yet... What we have is perfect and I’m a firm believer of letting bygones be bygones. I did learn a lesson though. I now name every new contact using their full or pet name, because that way, I’d never get confused or make a silly mistake like I did, ever again!

*Names changed to protect privacy

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