What Happened When I Caught My Boyfriend With Another Girl...

What Happened When I Caught My Boyfriend With Another Girl...
I met Siddharth while we were still in college. Freshly out of an all-girls boarding school, I was really looking forward to increasing my interaction with the opposite sex, now that we had a better chance to do that. But, as I luck would have it, I landed up going to an all-girls college too.

In the initial days at college, we were really excited about going out at night and partying. All of it seemed very new and thrilling! One night, four of us girls had gone out clubbing along with my friend’s brother, who got along three of his guy friends. This is when I met Siddharth. After spending that time with him, I decided to stay away from him as each time we all went out together, he’d be linked with a new girl. However, we all would hang out together quite often, so I would keep seeing him.

It took us a good three years to even become friends and that’s when I got to know him better. He wasn’t that bad after all! At this point, I realized we were becoming more than ‘just friends’. He eventually asked me out and we started dating. It had been a good two years to us dating and everything was amazing.

Time went by, and he was still friends with a lot of women he had had flings with. I didn’t appreciate it, but if we would meet at common parties, he would hang out with them and that would always make me angry.

One fine day, I knew in my gut that something strange was going to happen. He had a party at his place and a lot of people were invited. Some of the women from his past came as well. I was feeling insecure, but I channelised my feelings and realized I had to trust my man. We’d been together for three years almost. So the party went on, and it was fun, and everyone had a great time. I was spending the night at his place, so I was going to go upstairs to the guest room.

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Everyone had left but one of our common friends, Sneha, stayed back. Sneha was also spending the night there because she was too drunk to go back home by herself. As I was walking up the stairs, I saw Siddharth tell Sneha something in sign language. I couldn’t really understand what he was saying, but I know she gave him an affirmative nod. I went up to change, I had had enough to drink too. When I came out of the washroom, I decided to just sit on the bed and put my phone on charge. While browsing my phone, I went off to sleep!

I woke up at around 6am and I noticed, Siddarth had not come upstairs to sleep. My heart was racing and that’s when I went to his room and to my shock, it was locked! This was the worst nightmare ever. I was sure she was inside. I could hear noises from inside as though they were quickly tidying up the place. He opened the door groggily, I could see her pretending to be sleeping on the couch. While he was on his bed, acting as though he had absolutely no idea that she was in the room too.

I took my stuff, told him it was over, and left the house. He ran behind me swearing that nothing had happened between him and Sneha. He also said that he didn’t even know the door was locked and it was her who had locked it. I just looked at him and told him I don’t know if something happened or not, but I couldn’t trust him again. I caught my boyfriend inside a room with a girl that was locked - it was too hard to believe that he was saying the truth. I shared with him that a relationship is built on trust and I didn’t feel that I’ll be able to convince myself that nothing happened in that locked room that night.

He tried really hard to make me believe otherwise, multiple times, but I knew that every time something went wrong, I would invariably end up blaming him and think about that night. That wouldn’t be fair on either one of us. Thus, I moved away. One single night ruined our relationship! I still don’t know the truth, but all I know is that sometimes ignorance is bliss.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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