These 13 Ways Prove that You Don’t Need to be Slinky to Turn Him on!

These 13 Ways Prove that You Don’t Need to be Slinky to Turn Him on!
Wondering how to turn him on without him realizing what you’re up to? Yes, there are many ways to do it subtly. Confused? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are 13 best, sneaky yet oh-so-sexy ways to turn him on.

1. Find excuses to sit on his lap

While you are out with friends or just having a romantic date night, find a way to land yourself on his lap. Not in an obvious sort of way but with a subtle and funny move. One thing is for certain - once you do land up on his lap, it will be such a turn on for him that there won’t be anyone else he would be thinking about.

2. Leave your sexy lingerie lying on the bed

By mistake, of course! Leave those spicy red thongs on his bed and see how quickly his mind registers the tiny hint and turns him on.

3. Tell him about a sex article you recently read

Nothing will get his mind racing the way a steamy story would. You can actually tell him your sexual fantasy as ‘something you read somewhere’. A great way to test the waters before you dive in and an obvious turn on for a guy , right?

4. Casually walk around pantless in the house

Sureshot way to turn a guy on! And wear his old, oversized t-shirt to add that little oomph factor. It’s the perfect way to play peekaboo and get his mind racing!

5. Accidentally brush your fingers against his junk

While you are trying to reach for that cup of coffee or magazine, across from where he’s sitting, just lightly brush your fingers against his bulge. You’d be surprised how easily this little gesture gets your guy turned on.

6. Reply with sexy emojis

When you are not with him, send him sexy emojis. Even if he doesn’t pick up on your hints, you will definitely leave him wondering about the thought behind those texts! Perfect for turning your guy on!

7. Bend over

This has got to be best way to turn him on without really doing much. It’s what Reese Witherspoon taught us in Legally Blonde - the famous bend and snap. Drop something on the floor and then bend in a way that shows off your assets...whichever side you’d like!

8. Wear something he loves seeing you in

One of the best and effective ways to turn him on by adding a little oomph factor! Remember that dress he thinks looks oh-so-stunning on you? Wear it. Chances are that if he has imagined you in it, he will imagine you without it.

9. Play your sex song

Couples usually have that one special song. It could be the one that played when you first kissed, had sex or just got intimate. Play it so that he feels turned on and is taken back to that time, that moment and those feelings.

10. Take him lingerie shopping

Ask for his opinion while you are at it. What looks good, what doesn’t...give him a sexy preview of what’s coming and needless to say, that would turn him on.

11. Dress up in front of him

Dressing down is not always the go-to option. Take your time to pick and choose your outfit while you are with him. Trust us, he’ll find himself imagining it in reverse for the rest of the day.

12. Wear clothes that accentuate the body he loves so much

Don’t be shy to show off those curves, ladies. He gets turned on by them just the way they are so it’s about time you flaunt what you got!

13. Gently graze his thighs while talking to him

Heard of erogenous zones? Yup, it’s not just his junk that needs touching. Let your hand rest on his thighs or just gently move your fingers in circles while talking to him. We guarantee great results when you’re looking to turn him on!

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