How To Use His Five Senses To Turn Him On Like Crazy!

How To Use His Five Senses To Turn Him On Like Crazy!
We all know our five senses make life easier for us. We can smell, taste, feel, see and hear things. But did you ever think about turning your sex life crazy amazing by using these simple senses? Yes, it can happen! Here is how to turn him on in these simple ways by just using his five senses!

1. Sight

a. Blindfold

Sight can be used in various ways. Either by showing something or by hiding something. Blindfold him and see how every little touch makes him feel things he didn’t know he could!

1a how to turn him on

b. Strip tease

Or you can use sight to show him things he has always wanted to see. Let him lie down while you strip off your clothes slowly. Watch his passion take over his eyes with each piece you take off!

2. Sound

a. Dirty talk

Use your brilliant voice to say dirty, dirty things. Pull him closer, tell him what you want to do to him. Paint the picture with your words but in his mind!

2a how to turn him on

b. Music and sex noises

You can always play some really sexy music in the background to set the mood and when it comes to the real action, we have two words - sex noises. Moan, giggle, they will only turn him on more!

3. Touch

a. Make it slow

First things first, when touching a man, do it slowly. The slower it is, the more he’ll want it. Every touch of yours should be like magic for him! And magic requires some major suspense!

3a how to turn him on

b. Use texture to tease him

Flip your hair onto his chest and drag it slowly down to his nether regions. Then stretch gently away from his body. This stimulates his cremasteric muscle, increasing his pleasure!

4. Smell

a. Essential oils

Essential oils are perfect for setting that romantic mood. You can use them as a room fragrance or just dab a little bit on your hand. The smell will heighten all his senses in the most sensual way!

4a how to turn him on

b. Or just a super sexy perfume

Have a specific perfume for when you have sex. So that, eventually, he’ll link that smell to just him and you getting down and dirty!

5. Taste

a. Food + Sex

Give him a chocolate dipped strawberry or ask him to lick an ice cube off your navel. You’ll be surprised how food can actually aid your overall sex experience! Go ahead, give it a shot!

5a how to turn him on

b. A flavoured kiss

When you're alone with him, pop a bunch of flavoured candies one by one. Then lean over and whisper, ‘Close your eyes and try to guess which one I have in my mouth’. On your first kiss, lightly trace the tip of your tongue along his lips. If he can't pinpoint the flavor, go deeper!

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