#HeSays: 10 *Naughty* Things Girls Do That Tease Guys Like Mad!

#HeSays: 10 *Naughty* Things Girls Do That Tease Guys Like Mad!
Women have totally nailed how to tease a guy in bed. Whether it's done intentionally or not, right before sex or right before sleeping, here are a few things you do in bed that make us think really, really naughty things!

1. Sexy lingerie

Especially when you're getting ready to head out and deliberately give us a glimpse of what you're wearing underneath… It kills us not to do anything about it!

2. Lightly grazing our legs with your feet

Even if it's done while we're doing something totally non-sexual… It still has the power to turn us on in a second!

3. Innocently applying lotion

No, really. It might sound like a totally mundane task, but just watching you sit there on the bed, rubbing lotion into your skin, can be torture!

3 how to tease a guy

4. Moaning while stretching

We know you don't mean for it to sound sexual (or, at least, that's what we assume) but it does, ladies. And we can't help but imagine your other moans...

5. ‘Preparing’ yourself

When you get started by yourself...and even though we want to do something ourselves, we can't help but stop and just stare!

6. Just talking about sex

Yup. Especially when we know that sex isn't on the table, actually talking about - or even hearing you talk about it - can be agonizing.

6 how to tease a guy

7. Getting into bed naked

Well, duh! We don't believe that you sleep that way when you're alone. Actually, even just the thought of you doing this when we're not around is...well, you get the picture.

8. Intense back massages

It always starts out innocently, but as soon as the tension from our back muscles leaves, a different kind of tension starts to build in other areas.

9. Bending with your butt raised

Yes, even if you're wearing pajamas and just leaning over to grab the remote - we start thinking about all the other times you've been in the same position…

9 how to tease a guy

10. When you get a bit bouncy

Because that makes your boobs get even more bouncy. Oh, that view makes us think some really, really dirty things!

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