9 Tips To Ensure Your Bridal Makeup Complements Your Lehenga!

9 Tips To Ensure Your Bridal Makeup Complements Your Lehenga!
As a bride, you’d want that you look nothing short of perfect on your wedding day. You have picked out a gorgeous lehenga for yourself, a stunning jewellery set to go with it and you booked your fave makeup artist too. Clearly, each of these things has to be in perfect sync as they’re put together. While matching your outfit and jewellery is not too tough a task, getting it right with your bridal makeup too, can be a challenge. So brides-to-be, here are 9 extremely helpful tips so you can match your wedding makeup with your bridal outfit. You’re going to make a gorgeous bride, we promise!

1. First comes the lehenga and jewellery, then the makeup!

1 wedding makeup with your bridal outfit

Decide on your wedding outfit and jewellery before you even think about the makeup. Outfit first, makeup later, and never the other way around! Once your outfit is finalised, it is much easier to find a makeup look that works rather than trying to do it all at once. This way you know the colours you can play with and your limitations before you decide on your getup for the day with your makeup artist.

2. Do your research online

Be it Facebook or Instagram or YouTube - the internet is filled with makeup tutorials and new makeup techniques and trends. This is a great way to do your research and figure out what sort of bridal makeup would suit you the most. Save these images/ videos and show them to your makeup artist so he/ she has an idea of the look you desire. When you share these with your makeup artist, make it a point to show him/ her your bridal outfit as well, so that both of you can visualize your entire look.

3. Don’t go for a heavy lehenga and heavy makeup together

3 wedding makeup with your bridal outfit

Make a choice and stick to it. If your bridal outfit and the jewellery is going to be grand enough to draw all the attention to you, don’t go overboard with your makeup. On the other hand, if your lehenga isn’t a typically heavy bridal ensemble, go for heavy makeup to amp up your bridal look.

4. Match colours to complete the look

When deciding the colour scheme for your bridal makeup, match it to that of one piece of your outfit. If you are sporting a multicoloured outfit, avoid using all the colours at once in your makeup. Instead, choose 1 or 2 colours that complement the outfit as well as your complexion. If you feel that none of those colours look good on your eyes/ lips, opt for nude lips and a simple smokey eye look.

5. Perfect your base makeup

5 wedding makeup with your bridal outfit

This is the key to making the colours of your makeup pop. Using a good concealer and foundation is half the battle won. Not only will your skin look flawless, but the shades you select will also look just as you’d want them to, so that they match your wedding outfit.

6. Decide between a matte or a dewy finish

While both the looks are quite the rage these days, find what works best for you. If you have extremely blingy jewellery and clothes, go for a matte finish look for your eyes and lips, and stay away from glitter eyeshadows. Alternatively, going for a glossy lip colour and shimmery blush is a good idea if you have a bridal outfit is in muted tones and not too OTT.

7. Don’t forget to prep and prime

7 wedding makeup with your bridal outfit

Your makeup, outfit and jewellery for your big day may have taken up all your mind space, but, be sure never to forgo your skin care routine. It is especially important in the days leading up to the wedding and your big day itself as it ensures that your skin is in the best shape on D-day. If you have patchy unkempt skin to begin with, no amount of airbrush makeup is going to help. Treat your skin well to make it the perfect canvas for your makeup. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise with no exception. Makeup ready skin will ensure your overall look - lehenga, jewellery and makeup - is oh-so-well put together.

8. Opt for the neutral palette when...

…your outfit and jewellery are very big on colour and bling. Trust us, ladies, you will have to give your face a break and opt for a neutral eyeshadows and lip colours. Neutrals have various shades ranging from browns to pinks. Pick one according to your complexion and you’re going to look so chic and elegant. The good thing about neutrals is you can mix a couple of shades without it looking too crazy.

9. Dress rehearsal is a must

9 wedding makeup with your bridal outfit

Makeup artists and salons have a trial makeup and hair session as a part of most bridal packages, so take advantage of that and schedule a session to get your entire bridal look just right. Don’t forget to carry your bridal outfit along so you know exactly how it looks when put together.

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