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10 Sweet, Sexy Ways To Make Your Wedding Night Even More Special

10 Sweet, Sexy Ways To Make Your Wedding Night Even More Special

If there is one moment that every bride-to-be dreams about almost every night from the day her wedding gets fixed, it’s the wedding night. And it doesn’t matter if you’re having a love marriage or arranged, this one night you’ll always and forever remember with a smile on your face. So here are some cute, some sexy and some extremely romantic ways to make it even more special!

1. Candles always work

The easiest way to make a setting look extremely romantic is by lighting up the room with scented candles. Not only will they fill up your room with a light aroma but candles offer the most flattering lighting as well. A setting like this will not just get you in the mood, but also help you shed all those inhibitions. Just make sure you do not place them anywhere near the curtains to avoid any kind of mishap.  

2. The heady mix of sex and wine

Now that you two are finally alone, celebrate this special day by popping open a bottle of bubbly or wine. Let your body relax as you slowly sip on your glass of wine. Needless to say, you’ll both find yourselves naked in the sheets pretty soon. And oh, if you’re up for something adventurous, have him lick the wine off you. 2 wedding night

3. A bubble bath

You’ve had a hectic day and nothing's more refreshing than a warm bubble bath. Not to forget, it’s also extremely romantic and arousing. Make a bath complete with rose petals and some candles around it. Step in and soak into each other as you celebrate your wedding night. The warm water and your body pressed against his will only heat things up.

4. Dress sexy

It’s your wedding night and nothing could be more exciting for a man than to see his bride dressed up in the sexiest nightwear ever. Get ready to seduce him and blow his mind in a super sexy babydoll or a racy, barely-there lingerie set. And ooh, don’t forget to keep those heels on.
4 wedding night

5. Setting the mood with music

The easiest way to relax and let go is to have some soothing music playing in the background. Prepare a pen drive with both of your favourite music, dim those lights and spend this special night in your husband’s arms. A slow dance is the perfect way to start your new life.

6. Gift him something special

Won’t it be nice to gift him something thoughtful to mark this special night? Something he’s wanted for long or something you’d love to see him wearing/ using. Attach a heartfelt note to that gift and we swear, he’ll be touched. 6 wedding night

7. Book a hotel room!

If you haven’t already, start thinking about it now! This is the one night of your life that you’ll cherish forever and nothing like a plush hotel room to kickstart it. Once you’re away from the crowd and into your own private space, the romance will automatically begin.

8. Feed each other

Ever heard of foods that boost your libido? Besides getting you in the mood for sex, feeding each other chocolates and strawberries is such a great way to get intimate. Plus, if you haven’t had the time to eat after the ceremony, this is going to be more than welcome! 8 wedding night

9. Surprise him!

In bed! If this is not the first time for the both of you together, nothing can be as special as showing off a new move in bed! He probably thinks that he knows the routine by now, but on your wedding night, give him something he’s never ever expected before!

10. Express your love

You may be exhausted or you may just be in a hurry to get into action, but don’t forget to tell him how much you love him. This day, you two begin a new life and it’s the one occasion you definitely must express your love towards him. 10 wedding night GIFs: Giphy
Published on Dec 16, 2016
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