11 Easy Ways To Make Your First Kiss *Oh-So-Special*

11 Easy Ways To Make Your First Kiss *Oh-So-Special*
Your first kiss, in any relationship, is a memorable and important experience! It's the beginning of things getting more serious and the first stage of intimacy that you two will share. There's no point putting too much pressure, on yourself or the other person, for the kiss to be absolutely perfect - but here are some helpful pointers that will hopefully guide you towards it being the best kiss ever!!

1. Time And Place

Think about the setting - what would appeal to you the most?! Planning ahead could help make this kiss a dream come true!

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2. Don't Rush

Let things build up slowly, let there be a few near-misses - after all, the more sexual tension there is, the more fireworks there will be!

3. Remember To Relax

Don't overthink it - if it happens out of the blue then just go with it and truly immerse yourself in the moment! The spontaneity will make it feel all the more special!

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4. Figure Out The Logistics

Lean your head in the opposite direction from your partner if you're really worried about bumping noses with him. And if you're not sure which side he'll lean to - just gently cup his face with your hands. There will be no going wrong then!  

5. How Much Of What?

Lean in about just over half way when you're initiating the kiss with your guy. That is just the right amount for him to meet you the rest of the way and kiss you!

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6. Limit The Booze

Try and avoid getting overly-drunk while trying to give yourself some liquid courage - it really doesn't have to happen until you're entirely ready to do it sober! Plus, if you're a bit drunk then your memory of you first kiss might be a bit foggy and we're sure you don't want that!

7. Distractions, Distractions

Try and find a time and setting that isn't overcrowded by distractions, like your phone buzzing every two seconds or people passing by… Can make for funny but also awkward situations!

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8. Breath Freshener, Please!

If you can try and plan ahead - think about oral hygiene or carry some mint around if you think the time is coming! (You'll seriously thank us for this one later!)

9. Tempted To Touch

Use touch to indicate to your partner that you are ready… Hug him for longer, hold his hand more often, kiss him on the cheek and linger a bit... If he reciprocates then it will help you to know when the time is coming closer!

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10. Tongue Tied

Don't use your tongue immediately - go slow, let things build up. Explore his lips and then move to more intense kissing with tongue when you think it's time.

11. How Long?

First kisses are usually built up of smaller kisses - don't be afraid to lean back every few seconds and wait for him to come closer to you to start back up again!

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