Hair Care Tips and Masks to Remove Split Ends and Promote Hair Health

Hair Care Tips and Masks to Remove Split Ends and Promote Hair Health
Styling, highlights, oil massages, hair masks, regular blow dries – we all do so much to ensure that our hair looks luscious, shiny and gorgeous at all times! But what plays spoilsport way too often, are the dreaded split ends! Dry, damaged ends are never a good sight, right? So we give you 10 super effective ways to get rid of split ends without having to actually cut your hair. After all, running to the salon every few weeks for a trim isn’t fun, especially when you’re actually trying to grow out your hair.

1. Excellent egg masks

1 get rid of split ends

Egg is an important source of essential fatty acids and protein that nourishes the hair, strengthens roots and helps remove split ends. Take one egg (with the yolk) one spoon of curd, and the juice of half a lemon and apply all over your mane for 45 minutes. Wash this off with lukewarm water. Implement this remedy for split ends on a weekly basis and watch your hair recover rapidly.

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2. Bring on the folic acid and biotin

To get rid of split ends, take folic acid and biotin as these are rich in Vitamin B which works on hair health like magic! Take a course of these as prescribed by your dermatologist, and your split ends will be taken care of before you know it, ladies.

3. Hot oil massage is a must

Nothing like the moisturising and nourishing effects of a good old hot oil massage! This not only removes split ends but also maintains the moisture levels of your hair, leading to a shiny, healthy looking mane. The massage also regulates blood flow to the scalp which boosts hair growth. Get one done regularly at the parlour or do it at home by heating the oil and wrapping your hair in a warm towel after massaging your scalp. This one’s a goody split ends remedy, we say.

4. Love the leave-in conditioner

4 get rid of split ends

The 2-minute application rule for conditioning after shampooing the hair sure works for many but its effect is not the same as that of a leave-in conditioner on damaged hair. The super moisture boost from leave-in conditioners like the BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream is sure to give your ends an added dose of moisture, while removing split ends and leaving your locks as healthy and strong as ever!

5. Mayo magic

A mixture of mainly egg and oil - this one’s a no-brainer. The hydrating qualities of mayo will treat your damaged ends in no time and will leave you with soft, lush locks. It’s not only helps in getting rid of existing split ends but also prevents them from coming back again..

6. Time for a chamomile tea rinse

This remedy is foolproof when it comes to removing split ends from your hair. Soak 3-4 bags of chamomile tea in a pot of hot water and wait for it to cool. Rinse your hair with this liquid twice a week and say hello to healthy, split ends-free locks!

7. Banana benefits

7 get rid of split ends

This is one super fruit, ladies. Mash a ripe banana and add some castor oil, 2 tablespoons of milk and some honey to it. Apply this mask for about half an hour once a week and rinse with lukewarm water. With healing and nourishing properties, this hair pack is a wonderful remedy for the unsightly split ends.

8. Beer bath, anyone?

Yes, your favourite alcoholic beverage is loved by your hair too! It doubles up as a great conditioner so you must give your hair a beer bath after shampooing it. Doing this each time you shampoo your hair will help you get rid of those annoying split ends, we promise.

9. Honey and curd cure

Packing in a good amount of moisture in your hair is an effective remedy for preventing split ends for good, ladies. And one combination that does this best is honey and curd. Apply this combo to your hair twice a week and watch your hair transform!

10. Vitamin E in your hair

10 get rid of split ends

Vitamin E capsules are great for consumption but one other way to use these is massaging the liquid in them, into your scalp and hair. As for your split ends, mix 2-3 of these capsules in some warm water and apply it directly onto the split ends. This is a highly effective remedy for split ends that you’re going to thank us for, ladies.

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