17 Ways To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever!

17 Ways To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever!
Our partners in life deserve all the love they can get in this world! I mean, that’s the way we’d like it to be, right? But sometimes, things don’t quite go as we had planned them...intentionally or unintentionally! But we’re here to help you give your partner everything he deserves and more! Here are 17 ways to be the best girlfriend ever!

1. Be confident

Trust us when we say there is nothing better than a confident girlfriend. Be confident about yourself and your relationship with him and you’ll see it rub off on him as well!

2. Don’t be passive aggressive

Be direct instead of keeping things to yourself and then complaining about how he could not pick up on your subtle signs. He’s not a mind reader and it is absolutely okay for you to voice your needs out loud.

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3. Compliment him!

Who doesn’t like compliments, right? Give him as many compliments as you’d like whenever you feel like it. They will, without a doubt, be the highlight of his day!

4. Be a part of his hobbies

Not all the time but yes, sometimes you should be a part of his hobbies. Whether it is playing video games or going for a football match or making aeroplane models - let him teach you and both of you can have fun doing it!

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5. Try to get along with his friends

His friends are important to him just like your friends are important to you. So it is a plus if you can get along with them. Organize a night out to be with them and him and hear all his embarrassing stories!

6. Avoid nagging him

Don’t keep asking where he is or what he is up to all the time. If he is going out with his friends, don't expect him to text/ call you that night. If he tells you he doesn’t feel like doing something, don’t force him. He also has the right to live his life the way he wants. The best you can do is give your point of view and hope he understands.

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7. Have a sense of humour

In a relationship, laughter is an extremely important part. If you can’t laugh together then there might be an issue there. Not everything needs to be a serious issue - yes, including his stupid jokes which might offend you. Trust us, he probably just didn't think them through. Time to take those jokes more lightly!

8. Understand his ‘man time’

Like we said, he needs his time off sometimes. Understand that. Some days when he says he wants to be alone and do nothing then that’s what he wants. That doesn’t mean he is making excuses to do other things or hang out with other women!

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9. Get dirty when you can!

I mean, why not, right? When you do get the chance, show him that there is a ‘bad’ girl inside you that you don’t mind unleashing once in a while - just for him! *wink*

10. Listen to him

Men love to talk, even though they don’t admit it. So when he is talking, be attentive. Hear him out. His fears, desires, aims and dreams. Listen and understand! And remember too!

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11. Be your own person

Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you need to give up your individual space in life. You can and should be your own person. Take time out to be with yourself and away from him. You’d be surprised how it will actually bring a positive change in your relationship!

12. Help him grow

Support him. He might not need it, but he will appreciate it. Hear his business plans and where he sees his life five years down the line. Help him get there!

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13. Don’t bring up what has been and gone

The past might hurt sometimes and it is necessary to remember that it’s gone. So there is no need to bring it up again and again. Time to focus on the more important things like your future together!

14. Be happy!

Smile! Nothing makes a man happier than his girlfriend’s smile! So whenever you see him, walking toward you, put on the biggest grin of your life and smile! Show him how genuinely happy you are to see him.

14 best girlfriend

15. Appreciate what he does for you

He might find it tough to do the little things, which is why it is important that you acknowledge and appreciate them. Love him for all the efforts he makes to make your relationship last!

16. Don’t feed his jealousy

Though it might sound fun, there is no reason to feed his jealousy just to see his reaction. Nobody likes that feeling, the fear of losing the one you love. It's easy to know when to draw the line - just put yourself in his shoes and think how you would have felt then!

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17. Love him

Most important of all, love him! Without conditions and without restrictions. That’s how you will become the world’s greatest girlfriend for him! Love him with everything you’ve got and he will love you even more for it!

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