11 Useful Tips On Becoming A Part Of *His* Friends’ Circle

11 Useful Tips On Becoming A Part Of *His* Friends’ Circle
Our lives would have been so boring and bland had it not been for our friends, right? So while we are sure your boyfriend loves you without any expectations and conditions, he would love for you to get along with his friends too. Here are some useful (and effective!) ways to be a part of your boyfriend’s friend circle… Try them out!

1. Identify his inner circle and his hello-hi friends!

Just like you, he would also have an inner circle of friends (basically his core gang) and a few friends who are not as close. Identify who’s what. You may not come across his hello-hi friends a lot and his inner circle is the one you need to be focusing on.

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2. Remember their names.

This simple act of remembering their names shows that you know how important a part of your boyfriend’s life they are and that you are genuinely interested in getting to know them.

3. Treat them like you would treat your own friends.

You don’t have to be overly formal or cautious. Just relax and treat them how you would treat your own friends.

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4. Don’t get all snuggly and schmoopy with bae when they are around.

They may feel third-wheel-ish, and that’s not a good idea. While they are around, interact with them and maybe all of you could come up with something fun to do together? Like watch a movie or play an indoor game or something?

5. Initiate plans for lunch or dinner or an outing with them.

And you don’t have to make a huge fuss about it at all. You could all simply go to a roadside eatery that you all like or maybe McDonald’s or wherever else you guys want to. They won’t really be too particular about the place or the food, they will appreciate the fact that you cared enough to make a plan with them.

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6. Sometimes…just plan something for your boyfriend and his friends and you go out with your girlfriends!

Give them their time with your guy and they will love and respect you for it. Give them the house for an evening so they can have a cards tournament or a video-game night. Meanwhile, you can go shopping with your girls and maybe have a sleepover?

7. Keep in touch.

Thanks to social media, you only have to call them up every now and then to keep in touch. A friendly conversation on WhatsApp or maybe just wishing them a happy birthday by messaging them instead of writing on their Facebook wall, like everyone else, will also work just fine.

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8. Never get in the middle of an argument between him and his friends… Ever!

Even if you are tempted to side with your boyfriend…don’t. Friends usually get over silly (or not-so-silly) fights soon enough. But if you get in the middle of it, things may get messy. Let bae deal with it his way.

9. Try not to nag him too much when they are around.

Yes, even if you discover that he has forgotten to return your book…yet again. You may be right and you may not be nagging him all the time, but to his friends it will seem like you are the ‘kind’ of girlfriend who nags. Give them some time to get to know you better first!

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10. Don’t flirt with any of them - even if it's all in good fun!

Nope. Don’t flirt with his male friends at all. Guys have a bro-code - no one hits on or even flirts with a friend’s girlfriend, and you don’t want to break this. Compliment them, sure. But know where to draw the line.  

11. Just be your confident, fun-loving self.

Don’t you stress about it, girl! You’re awesome and they may need some time, but your boyfriend’s friends will see it too! So just relax and have fun!

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