Is It Time To Break Up With Your Shampoo? We Help You Decide!

Is It Time To Break Up With Your Shampoo? We Help You Decide!
Have you ever felt that your shampoo doesn’t work as effectively as it first did when you just bought it? We’ve all heard rumours suggesting that you should change your shampoo every few months. But what’s the truth? How often should you actually change your shampoo? Here’s everything you should keep in mind before you decide to switch shampoos.

1. Your hair does not become ‘immune’

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Contrary to popular belief, your hair does not become immune to a particular shampoo! There are many reasons as to why your hair stops reacting to your shampoo as it once did. But rest assured, you don’t need to change shampoos simply because you think your hair has become used to a particular one.

2. Your hair’s chemical balance can change

It may happen that over time your hair’s chemical balance alters due to product build up. When this happens, it may seem that your shampoo is not performing as effectively as it once did. This is the reason why you could feel as if your hair has become immune to a shampoo.

3. Your lifestyle affects your strands

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The need for different shampoos can stem from what kind of a lifestyle you lead! Stress, smoking and environmental pollutants are all things that affect how your hair looks and feels, and this in turn determines how well your shampoo works!

4. Summers can mean an oily scalp

The start of a new season is one of the best times for a shampoo switch. Summers can leave your scalp and hair oilier than usual, which means you should go for a mild shampoo that doesn’t weigh it down further. A less hydrating and more volumizing shampoo is just what you need for summer hair.

5. Winters can dry your hair out

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Have you noticed how your hair appears drier in the winters? Winters are the time when you might feel the need to switch to a super moisturizing shampoo. Look for shampoos that have ingredients like coconut milk and shea butter to restore your hair’s health and rehydrate it.

6. Your diet influences your hair

Your lackluster hair may not entirely be your shampoo’s fault. Your diet plays a very important role in how your hair looks and reacts to your shampoo. People who cut fats from their diet usually have drier hair as compared to those who get essential fatty acids from their food. If you have such dry hair, consider using a hair mask once a week to restore moisture to your locks instead of trying a new shampoo altogether.

7. You don’t need to wash your hair every day

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Sometimes, it’s not the fault of your shampoo but how often you’re using it. Washing your hair every day can actually be counterproductive for your hair’s health. Your hair can dry out faster when exposed to the chemicals found in shampoos every day. If you feel like your hair gets too greasy too quickly, wash it every other day with a mild shampoo.

8. Guard yourself against product build up

If you have found ‘the one’ shampoo that works wonders for your hair, you don’t have to change it. However, to guard yourself against product build up, we suggest that you use a clarifying shampoo once every fortnight. A clarifying shampoo should ideally be used less frequently as it leaves your hair squeaky clean but can also strip moisture away from it.

9. Dry hair? Maybe skip the shampoo altogether!

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Sounds bizarre? We promise it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Co-washing, or conditioner only washing, is a hair washing method that uses sulfate-free cleansing conditioners instead of shampoos to hydrate and moisturize your tresses. You can read more about it here.

10. You can rotate between shampoos

Finally, know that some experts actually suggest that you rotate between shampoos to keep your hair healthy. Instead of switching shampoos altogether, use two shampoos in rotation. Just make sure you use shampoos that are formulated for your hair type.

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