Planning Your Honeymoon? Avoid These 15 Common Mistakes!

Planning Your Honeymoon? Avoid These 15 Common Mistakes!
Once the wedding date gets fixed, everyone gets busy with the preparations to make sure your dream wedding comes true. And with so much happening, your honeymoon planning takes a back seat. Or you’re not able to give it that much thought. And it’s only later that you wish you had spent more time planning for this special vacation. Thus, to avoid any honeymoon mistakes, we have a list of things every bride needs to keep in mind while planning her first holiday as a ‘Mrs’!

1. Packing at the last minute

Do not leave your honeymoon packing for the last minute. While you are making a checklist of various things while planning your wedding, make a checklist of the clothes and other necessities you need to carry for your honeymoon too. Assign the job of taking care of your honeymoon suitcase to one of your family members to ensure that the suitcase is sent to your new home along with the other items.

1 honeymoon mistakes

2. Leaving too soon

Leaving immediately after your wedding is not a good idea. You both would be extremely tired post the wedding functions and it is advisable to rest for a day or two before you plan to leave for your honeymoon.

3. Not doing enough research

You don’t want to end up staying at a bad hotel and spoil your honeymoon right? We suggest you take enough time and do proper research while making your honeymoon bookings. Don’t just go by word of mouth as everyone has different preferences. Go through the customer reviews on travel and booking sites and do write to the hotels to clarify any doubts.

3 honeymoon mistakes

4. Not having a fixed budget

It is essential to have a fixed budget for your honeymoon. We understand that it is your first holiday together as husband and wife but it is important to set a budget for your stay, travel and shopping. No budget means you might just go too overboard.

5. Bookings in the wrong name!

You are obviously excited to add your husband’s surname to your name but it is recommended to not make your travel bookings in your new surname. Changing of the surname is an official task which requires a lot of time. It is wiser to make your bookings in your maiden surname or as it shows on your passport to avoid any confusion.

5 honeymoon mistakes

6. Planning too many activities

Of course, you want to make the most of your holiday and do everything possible that you can, but we’d totally advise you not to plan too many activities. Your honeymoon is a time when you both need to relax and unwind post the wedding madness, thus strike a balance between going around the city as well as relaxing.

7. Missing out on upgrades

Take advantage of the fact that you’re on your honeymoon! The hospitality industry tries their best (in most cases!) to go all out to make a couple's honeymoon special. Don’t forget to let your flight attendant or hotel know the same. They must just upgrade your seats or room or surprise you with a complimentary spa, wine or chocolates!

7 honeymoon mistakes

8. Keep ‘in country’ travel in mind!

Plan to go abroad? Don’t forget to make your domestic bookings within the country that you’re visiting. This is often forgotten and not paid attention to by most of the people. Find out if there are other modes of transportation and book early to avoid increased prices.

9. Last minute bookings

Weddings in India usually take place during the peak wedding season which is also the time when people travel and holiday around the world. Thus, it is advisable to make your bookings on time and avoid any last minute transactions as that would only end up in you spending extra money on airfares and hotel stay.

9 honeymoon mistakes

10. Think about the extra expenses

There would always be some surprise expenses and it is better to keep a little money aside for the same. A small percentage of your budget must always be reserved for emergencies or unforeseen expenditures that are bound to happen. Also, it’s advisable to always keep some extra cash handy.

11. Not sharing the planning

Your single time is over missy. Now you need to involve your fiancé/ husband too in all the honeymoon planning. Since it is a holiday you both will take together, you both must plan together on where you want to go and what you both want to do. Don’t focus on only one person’s choice; rather keep a balance between what you want and what he wants.

11 honeymoon mistakes

12. Flying time matters

Choose quality over quantity. If your honeymoon is short and sweet, it is advisable for you to not spend hours to fly to a destination far away. Choose a nearby location where you would at least spend time together rather than in the plane.

13. Not keeping weather in mind

You might want to wear the bikini you’ve been working out for but what if you are going to a cold place?  Keep a check on the weather of the city or country you plan to visit and pack accordingly. In fact, do take an update just a day before leaving too. Just so you’re aware of any sudden weather change.

13 honeymoon mistakes

14. What about the refund policy?

This is extremely essential. While making your bookings, choose an airline which has a refund policy. Just in case, there is a change of plans, you would at least save some of your money.

15. Over packing

Well, yes we know that girls always over pack as we can’t decide on what all we would suddenly want to wear. But don’t forget that every airline has a baggage allowance! Plus, over packing would not even leave you with any space in your suitcase for the shopping you do, right?

15 honeymoon mistakes

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