Rishta Meeting 101: What His Body Language Says About Him!

Rishta Meeting 101: What His Body Language Says About Him!
Whether it is love or arrange marriage, the decision to get married is not an easy one. However, if you’re taking the arranged marriage route, making a decision can sometimes be quite challenging. Ladies, here we’d like to tell you that the body language of a person speaks a lot about his personality and behavioural pattern. Thus, to help you make your decision, we have this checklist of some body language signs you need to keep in mind to know if the guy you are meeting is ‘the one’.

1. Shaking hands

A handshake can reveal a lot about a person, ladies. When you meet the guy for the first time, you both would obviously be awkward and would greet each other with a handshake. If it is a firm handshake, it shows that he is confident and is interested in meeting you. However, if his wrist is limp as the two of you shake hands, he might not be as open and outgoing.

1 body language signs

2. Shaking legs

Shaking legs is a sign of impatience. If he is sitting with you and constantly shaking his leg, it could mean that he is not completely into it and is waiting to get out of there. It could also be a sign of nervousness.

3. Fidgety eyes

Eyes are the mirrors of the soul and reflect a lot about an individual. If his eyes are fidgety and are constantly moving here and there, it shows that he is nervous. This is not necessarily wrong, as it is natural for anyone to be nervous while meeting a girl for marriage. Just like you, he too feels awkward about the whole setup.

3 body language signs

4. Pointing his shoes at you

If the man you are meeting is sitting cross legged and his legs and shoes are pointing at you, it shows a certain degree of disrespect towards you. This can be quite a letdown, ladies.

5. Slouching and sitting

This is not a good sign, ladies! If the man you are meeting is slouching or casually leaning back on the chair, it just means that he is disinterested and does not bother about the way he looks in front of you. Besides, sloppiness isn’t very pleasing to the eye, is it?

5 body language signs

6. Changing topics

It is important for the man to listen to what you have to say and show interest. If he constantly keeps changing topics and cuts you in between while you talk, it is a sign of disinterest in what you have to say. This seems rude and disrespectful. A big no-no, we say.

7. Stiff body language

Sitting in a stiff manner could be a signal of the man being arrogant and having an air about himself. A simple gesture like raising his eyebrows while talking to you is an indication of the same.

7 body language signs

8. Looking up and down at you

If the man you meet looks at you from top to bottom when you enter, it just means he is checking you out and forming an opinion perhaps. It is natural for a person to look at a person but him checking you out in the first meeting isn’t exactly how any girl would want it. It could make you uncomfortable too, which essentially means that this is a bad idea!

9. Constantly being on the phone

If he chooses to be on his phone over talking and getting to know you, then it’s quite clear that this isn’t the person for you. We all know it’s annoying to sit in front of someone who is constantly on the phone and is not paying attention to you.

9 body language signs

10. Looking into your eyes as you talk

This one’s a goody, ladies. If he looks straight into your eyes as the two of your talk and get to know each other, it shows a level of confidence and interest which you’re definitely going to like. And if he smiles along too, that’s awesome!

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