10 Hair Mistakes A Bride MUST Avoid A Week Before Her Shaadi!

10 Hair Mistakes A Bride MUST Avoid A Week Before Her Shaadi!
With just a week to go for the wedding, the last thing any bride wants to experience, is a hair blunder. To make sure that every hair concern is put to rest, you must take care and be transparent with your wedding hairstylist. They will offer some great hair tips so that your big day is hurdle-free. You can make that happen by not making these 10 hair mistakes. (Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!)

1. Getting A Last Minute Haircut

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Getting a new haircut a week before your wedding day is big NO-NO! The last thing any bride wants is to deal with is an experiment gone wrong. If you really want to cut your hair, make sure that it’s done months before. That way, if you’re not happy with it, you can always grow it back and get the cut you desire later.

2. Settling For The Wrong Hair Accessory

Who would have ever thought that a tiny hair accessory can create a massive impact on your entire look, right?! Which is why you must pick one keeping your hair’s texture and length, and even your outfit in mind. A safer option would be to carry your hair accessory and outfit material whenever you go for your hair trails which should happen at least a month before D-Day. That way, the hairstylist and you will be able to visualize your entire look from head to toe.

3. Giving Clip-In Hair Extensions A Shot

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Sure, hair extensions look fabulous on Pinterest and Instagram, but are you a 100% sure that they would suit your hair and face as much? Don’t opt for extensions without having a word with your hairstylist or taking a friend’s opinion. Also, make sure you buy them from a trusted salon and that it’s not some last-minute online deal. Choose real hair extensions as opposed to synthetic ones as they differ in quality and the overall look.

4. Going Overboard With Using Hair Products And Styling Tools

Flawless looking hair is every bride’s dream. However, before using hair products and styling tools, you must ensure that they agree with your hair’s texture. Understand that if your hair will be exposed to various hairstyling products and heated rods and irons that entire week, dealing with damaged hair post the wedding is not the dream.

5. Colouring Your Hair

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Two things to consider ladies - don’t colour your hair at home and second, don’t experiment with a shade you aren’t absolutely sure about. Ideally, if you want to colour your hair, you should consider getting it done 1 or 2 months prior to the big day. That way even if you aren’t happy with the shade, you have enough of time to get it re-done. Time is precious and since your wedding is in a week, it’s best to leave your hair colour as it is.

6. Not Having ‘Plan B’

One of the biggest hair blunders you can face is not having a backup plan. What if the climate messes with your hairstyle? What if your hair doesn’t hold the way you want it too? Here’s when plan B comes into the picture. If it’s too much take in at the moment, consider looping in one of your bridesmaids, hair stylist or relatives well in advance. That way, you’re prepared for the worst.

7. Settling For Only One Style For All The Ceremonies

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Don’t just settle for one style for your mehendi, sangeet and reception. Play around with styles and settle for one that compliments your outfit as well. Take cutouts from magazines, screenshots of hair inspirations from the internet and finally, just talk to your hairstylist about which look you like the most. We bet they’ll offer some great advice, tips and styles and you’ll have your look in place well before the wedding. Last minute research could lead to hasty decision making, brides-to-be. Timing is key!

8. Not Washing Your Hair

Staying away from shampoos and conditioners a week before your wedding could help in some cases but that can also lead to an extremely greasy and dirty scalp on the big day. And washing your hair just a night before could make your hair too fluffy, soft or just too frizzy. So we suggest you definitely wash your hair with mild products in the week leading up to D-Day and maybe skip it on the last day. And if you must wash it on the last day too, use room temperature water and mild hair products for shiny, fresh and voluminous hair on your big day.

9. Going For Hair Care Treatments Only During The Last Week

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Sad, but true, not every girl is blessed with healthy hair. If you have dull, drab and lifeless hair, you shouldn’t be catering to it on the last week of your wedding. This needs to be looked into months in advance. Visit a dermatologist if your hair is a concern. They might prescribe you hair vitamins, tweak your diet or ask you to change your lifestyle habits.

10. Giving The Weather A Thought At The End Moment

Did you know that the weather can make or break your hairstyle look? Too much moisture in the hair can make it frizzy and too much heat can make your hair oily and greasy. When settling on a venue and month, have a word with your hairstylist not a week before the wedding, but months in advance so that they can treat your hair accordingly.

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