23 Secrets About Guys EVERY Girl Should Know Before Turning 23!

23 Secrets About Guys EVERY Girl Should Know Before Turning 23!
Keeping secrets is a part of human nature. Sometimes, even unknowingly, we end up keeping a few things to ourselves. Yes, we know it can be frustrating being on the other side, especially when it comes to dealing with boys. What are they saying? What do they mean by that? What are they not telling us? The questions are endless! Don’t worry, girls, here are 23 guy secrets that you’d be glad we told you!

1. They don’t always think about sex. Most of the time, but not always.

2. They cry...almost as much as every other human being.

3. There are times when they are not listening to us but will never admit it!

4. They Facebook stalk a new crush too.

5. They love gossip just as much as we do!

5 guy secrets

6. They don’t necessarily remember all our friends.

7. They want to talk about their problems but they would prefer if we bring them up.

8. They watch porn and will continue to do so.

9. Zits and pimples are stressful for men too!

10. They often lie so that they can avoid a fight.

10 guy secrets

11. They do think about the future, even when they pretend they don’t.

12. They will always be a teensy bit jealous of our male bestie.

13. They like being mothered by us, especially when they are sick.

14. They love it when we notice a new haircut or new clothes!

15. They don’t notice whether you’ve gained or lost weight unless it’s very evident.

15 guy secrets

16. And they definitely don’t have a clue if you just got a new haircut!

17. They like it when we show them off in front of our friends.

18. Sometimes, they’re romantic just because we like it.

19. They’re sensitive and emotional too, they just express it differently.

20. They actually like some time off now and then, it has nothing to do with the relationship they are in.

20 guy secrets

21. They’re as anxious as we are before a first date.

22. Sometimes, they do check out other people...but hey, so do we!

23. They like figuring out the solutions to our problems.

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