8 Funny Tweets About *Exes* To Get You Through ALL Heartbreaks!

8 Funny Tweets About *Exes* To Get You Through ALL Heartbreaks!
We all know how tough it is to get over someone. Our brain gets stuck on that one person and life kinda becomes hell for a while. It’s at that moment when you don’t know what to do. So guys, if you’ve just had a breakup, people on Twitter have something really funny for you all. Read on and find out what twitteratis have to say about their *exes*.

1. First of all, it’s *with* and not wit...

…  And second of all, are you kidding? No one’s better than me. *Wears cool shades*

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2. Hahahahah! *rolling on the floor laughing*

This is just hilarious.

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3. When they just can’t meet your standards...

Go away, please.

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4. Shady and cold and unemotional…

*cries a little*

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5. Oh yeah, that’s the best revenge!

Also, this always works, always.

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6. Suddenly it all makes sense!


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7. Who likes drama 24*7?

Well my ex does.

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8. Hello from the other side… Hahahah!

*Laughs hysterically*

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Well, these were quite hilarious!