12 FUN Games To Play With Your Guy To Get To Know Him *Better*

12 FUN Games To Play With Your Guy To Get To Know Him *Better*

We’re always looking for an excuse to spend time with our boyfriends, but somehow we inevitably end up eating out, watching movies or being lazy in bed. There are times you want to explore each other’s minds more and connect with each other in different ways. So here are some fun games to play with your boyfriend in order to have a good time while also get to know each other better!

1. Pictionary

A game in which the person needs to guess what a given word is, with pictures and diagrams. You can test your partner’s skills in sketching and also laugh at the weird stick figures and other objects that he makes, to explain the word to you! It’s truly hilarious. Mind the timer though! Order it right away. Here you go!

2. Bluff

We’ve all played this with friends while growing up! You know what the rules of the game are. You’ve got to get rid of your cards by bluffing about what you’re holding in your hands. If you haven’t yet tried this game, have a look at this. If you are able to catch his bluff by calling out to check the cards he has thrown, you’re going to fare well in the game. It’s all about recognizing his expressions!

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3. Scrabble

A classic board game where you have to make words with the alphabets given to you and connect them to alphabets already placed on the board. You can totally test his proficiency in forming smart words that give him more points. You can play by getting it here.

3 games to play with your boyfriend

4. Twister

This game involves a lot of foot and handwork, best to check your partner’s flexibility and show off your physical strength! You’ve to place your hands and feet (as per the instructions on the spinny wheel) on coloured circles on the mat. Sometimes you can land up in awkward positions, but what the heck - it makes for some good laughs. Get the fun game here.

5. QuizUp!

This mobile trivia game is perfect for you to find out if you have common interests. You’re essentially challenging your partner to guess the answers to popular questions in any category that you choose. It’s a lot like Kaun Banega Crorepati! Choose your area of interest and beat each other’s scores!

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6. Double Date Charades!

This game is basically Dumb charades with an added element of fun. Plan this with another couple for more excitement. You guess and your partner enacts the movie or vice versa. This way, you can have your secret rules and see him work his acting skills. The point is to understand what he is trying to say without him really speaking and that’s another way of getting to know each other, isn’t it? 6 games to play with your boyfriend

7. Word Association Game

A common word game that you can play on the go! It’s fairly easy to understand. You say a word and your partner needs to say the next word that comes to his mind related to the word you said. For instance - You say “red”, and what he says after that can give you a clue of what he thinks about certain things! There is no right or wrong, it’s just the best way to discover each other’s thoughts.

8. Foosball

Want to show your prowess as a sports queen? Or want to see his athletic side? Foosball it is. It’s a simple football-like game played on a table with rotating bars and a ball, along with figures representing players in each team. You’ve just got to score goals and ensure he doesn’t score any. You’ll find this at a lot of arcades and sports bars, so plan your next date night accordingly!

9. Never Have I Ever!

This game is an all time favourite, played amongst people you know well, so you don’t spill your secrets in front of the world. They played this on the train in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and it was quite a delight to watch! Play this with him and you can indirectly ask questions you’ve always wanted to have answers to, without overstepping the line! 9 games to play with your boyfriend

10. Strip Poker

If you are inclined towards playing Poker, and want to make it slightly naughty, play the Strip Poker version. You can decide the rules and draw the line for yourself. The person who loses needs to remove some of the clothes or accessories they are wearing and it keeps getting more interesting! Rather risque, but why not!

11. Cards Against Humanity

This one is not for the faint-hearted. Just kidding! In this game, a person pulls out one black card and asks a question and the other person picks the funniest white card that they are holding to fill in the blanks. It can get completely awkward but if you’re someone who likes a man with a good sense of humour, this is the game for you! You can buy it here.

12. Twenty Questions!

A fun game to play when you are in a long distance relationship, through texts, or even over Skype calls! All you have to do is have a famous person’s name in your mind, the other person has to guess the name of the celebrity by asking upto 20 questions. The lesser the number of questions asked to guess, the higher the points. If you know your partner well already, this will be a cakewalk! Otherwise, it’s another opportunity to get to know him better! 12 games to play with your boyfriend GIFs: Tumblr