10 Little Ways To Hit On *Him* (Without Being Too Obvious!)

10 Little Ways To Hit On *Him* (Without Being Too Obvious!)
When it comes to flirting, guys aren't the best at picking up our hints - but you don't want to be too direct either! So here are some subtle but awesome ways to let him know you're interested in being more than just friends! Go ahead - try these ways to hit on the guy you like!

1. Laugh At His Jokes...

It sounds obvious, but scientific studies have shown that men are more likely to think they have a shot with a woman who enjoys their sense of humour. Try it!

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2. The Lip Lick

When you two are out together for a casual coffee - use your tongue to lick the tip of your lips. Bringing attention to them will ignite some interest in him.

3.  Body Language

You will be amazed to know that the way you stand or the way you fold your arms sends secret signals to people. So be open and receptive to him when you two are in the same space!

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4. Be spontaneous

Text him asking if he wants to grab a coffee or go for ice-cream. Creating these casual opportunities to hang out together will subtly show your interest in him.

5. Plus One

Ask him to be your date to an event (a fest, a wedding, anything!) - it's the perfect opportunity to engage in deep conversation and show off your social skills! And he'll also get a glimpse of what it would be like, to be with you.

6. Touch And Tempt

The slight sweep of your hand against his shoulder or an extra long hug might just be the sign he has been looking for. Go for it!

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7. Initiate The Texting

Text him first every now and then; give him time to reply and let the conversation flow naturally. Show him that you're not scared of making the first move.

8. Be Interested In Him

It's not always about what you have to say or do - being genuinely interested in what he has to say and receptive to his ideas will show him that your attraction to him is deeper.

9. Scent Of A Woman

Spritz some perfume in some strategic places - like the back of your neck, or the crook of your elbows! It will draw him in without you having to say a word.

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10. Leave Him Wanting More

You don't need to directly respond to every text he sends or answer every question he asks - if he's interested, you'll get the time to do so eventually. Let there be some mystery, he won't be going away anytime soon!

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