15 Flirty Little Things Guys Do If They *Really* Like You!

15 Flirty Little Things Guys Do If They *Really* Like You!
Sometimes guys beat around the bush too much, so you really need to read into their body language and actions more than you normally would. If a guy likes you, he will most likely flirt with you in subtle (or sometimes not-so-subtle) ways to hint towards the fact that he has feelings for you. So, ladies, you need to be prepared to read these signs! Here are some flirtatious little things guys do if they like you. Check and see if your maybe-man does them too!

1. He notices and compliments you for the not-so-obvious things

Your new earrings or the different than usual hairstyle you may be sporting on a particular day or your smile... He notices the things other people may or may not and makes sure he compliments you for them. That’s how guys flirt, ladies!

1 little things guys do

2. He initiates texting

Because he genuinely likes talking to you and would want to do it more often and for longer.

3. He texts you back promptly

Because he is excited to talk to you and wouldn’t want to make you feel that he is not interested in having a conversation with you.

3 little things guys do

4. He uses a lot of emojis while texting you.

He wants to flirt with you but doesn’t want to cross the line or annoy you. So he may use a lot of winking, heart, stuck out tongue, LOL, smiling and blushing emojis in his texts!

5. He casually lets the fact that he is single slip into conversation.

So that you can go ahead and start thinking about how great the both of you would be together! *Wink*

5 little things guys do (1)

6. He casually (not creepily) touches you as often as he can find a reason to.

Maybe brush your shoulder or remove a fallen eyelash from your cheek or just sweetly give you a side-hug when he meets you.

7. He laughs at your jokes… Even if most of them are PJs!

Ain’t that cute? *Heart*

7 little things guys do

8. He takes the lead to make plans to meet outside of college/ work.

He reallyyy wants to hang out with you. If he feels you may not be comfy going out with him all alone, he may ask some mutual friends to come along too! Get the hint, ladies?

9. He asks you a lot of questions, in an effort to get to know you better.

Questions like… Where did you grow up? What do you like to eat? Which is your favourite eating-out place? What is your fave colour? He knows these little things make you who you are and that they are important in order to really get to know you.

9 little things guys do

10. And he remembers these little things about you…

Which is really, really sweet! #Aww

11. He gets a little annoyed when someone interrupts your conversation.

But tries to hide it from you! That’s kinda adorable, isn’t it?

11 little things guys do

12.  He teases you for little things!

Leg pulling is a great way to flirt, but it’s all just for fun! He doesn’t mean to be rude or annoy you. And well, he knows where to stop.

13. He likes your pictures on Instagram and Facebook!

And occasionally leaves a cute comment too!

13 little things guys do

14. He keeps looking for excuses to talk to you!

Whether it’s asking you about something work related or what you had for lunch, he finds something or the other he needs to talk to you about.

15. You have little moments of flirtatious eye contact during your conversations.

And that makes you blush ever so slightly! (But no more than him!)

15 little things guys do

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