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What My First Ever Facial Was *Really* Like…

What My First Ever Facial Was *Really* Like…

I am going to let you in on a little secret. I am 24 and I have never-ever had a professional facial done. No clean-up, no face-pack - nothing. Yes, it may sound a little odd to some, but in my defense, my mother always made me steer clear of chemicals and advised me to only put natural ingredients on my face. P.S: I am the kind that believes that our mothers are always right! It’s not like I never clean my face or use a face-pack at home. It's just that I use only natural ingredients that won’t cause any harm. But lately, I have been really worried about my skin with the alarming levels of pollution, my skin has been looking a little dull. Which is why a friend of mine recommended Lakmé Salon’s BeautySutra Ritual that not only cleanses but also helps get rid of a host of other skin problems. But the actual reason I decided to give it a shot was that this particular facial uses only natural ingredients. The facial contains ingredients that are indigenous to India and are traditionally known to be beneficial to the skin. Things like turmeric, saffron, almond scrub, milk, sandalwood etc ensure that it is safe for all skin types. So, with my mother’s approval I set out to get my first ever facial! Flawless skin It started off with the esthetician (very patiently) walking me through the entire process and I must admit by the end of it I was pretty convinced. She also asked me a series of questions about my daily skincare routine. Now, I am not a makeup junkie and my idea of dressing up is slapping on moisturizer and some lipstick. So, skin protection and an actual skin care routine are things that I don’t really do much of. The esthetician pointed out that I really must start taking care of my skin - the sooner the better. Because I won’t always be 24 and signs of aging will start creeping in soon.   The facial which was a 7 step procedure started off with a basic cleaning of my face with a wet cotton to remove the dirt and grime. While we were at it, the esthetician told me that it was very important for everyone to follow a good CTM routine before stepping out, as it not only makes your skin supple but also keeps skin problems at bay. She then applied a paste of turmeric which was really comforting as it was a part of my cleansing routine at home as well. Turmeric has antibacterial properties and helps in reducing acne scars and inflammations. After a gentle massage with the turmeric paste, she applied the de-tan pack which was left on for 10 mins so. BTW, did you know that there are two kinds of UV rays, namely UVA and UVB and they are responsible for ageing and tanning respectively? I didn’t either! hence it’s very important to apply sunscreen before stepping out - even in winters! Lesson learnt. Post the de-tanning session she began the deep cleansing part of the facial. She started by applying a mild exfoliating cream and then warned me not to over exfoliate. Then she donned a pair of gloves and extracted the blackheads and whiteheads from my nose and chin. Who knew my nose could look so smooth? Flawless skin After that a light serum was applied to my skin so that the open pores could absorb every bit of it. Then, a mixture of sandalwood and saffron was applied and massaged into my skin gently. Mom has always told me that sandalwood helps soothe and saffron gives you radiant skin. The massage felt great, I felt so pampered, it was absolute bliss. The best part of the whole facial was the three different face-packs that were used on my face. My face was divided into three distinct sections and the three packs applied, served three different functions. The pack on my forehead was to make me feel cool and relaxed, the second on my cheek and nose area was to help deal with impurities and the one on my chin and neck was to help uplift my skin. I was even given a really soothing body massage while my masks were drying off. Jealous? Flawless skin Post the mask, she dabbed on some toner and then applied a sunscreen lotion. To be honest I have never been very fond of letting someone else fiddle with my face but this entire experience has changed my mind. I am extremely finicky about my skin and was quite happy with the ingredients used and the end result was amazing. This facial made a visible difference to my skin. If you have a best friend’s wedding, a date or feel like your skin is looking a little lifeless and dull then this is one thing you must try without having to worry about the consequences. So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest Lakme Salon now and pamper yourself! *This is a sponsored post for Lakme Salon
Published on Dec 12, 2016
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