10 Fashion Mistakes That Are Making You Look Shorter!

10 Fashion Mistakes That Are Making You Look Shorter!
No, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in being the shortest girl in the room. In fact, short girls look oh-so-adorable in almost everything they wear. But sometimes, wrong outfit choices can ruin a perfectly well-planned outfit. That’s where we step in. Here’s a list of 10 fashion mistakes that might be making you look shorter than you actually are. Don’t let small fashion errors bring you down, girl!

1. Big Bags

1 make you look shorter

Proportionally dominant bags have the power to make you look shorter. Go for small handbags that’ll not only look super chic but will also be proportionate to your petite body. Cute satchels and lunchbox bags both make for stylish choices.   

2. Long hair, should care?

2 making you look shorter

A short hairstyle shows more neck, making your torso look longer. Updos, bob cuts and short hairstyles will work in your favour.    

3. The right kinda shoes

3 making you look shorter

High shoe vamps hide the front of the foot, making your legs look shorter than they are. Wearing skin baring shoes will ensure less visual interruptions and create a long vertical line, making you look taller.

4. Layering loose clothes

4 making you look shorter

Layering is a great way to up your style game, but it can be an absolute disaster if not done right! If you’re trying to layer your clothes then make sure the end result fits to perfection, or you’ll look shorter and broader than you are. To nail the art of layering, instead of wearing all your baggy clothes at once, pair an oversized item with a well-fitted one.

5. Go for short skirts

5 making you look shorter

It’s a common misconception that midi skirts make us look taller. The truth is, short or floor length skirts are the only way to go. When you go short, go super short. It’ll show more leg and create a visually longer look.

6. The not so perfect jeans

6 making you look shorter

Ill-fitted and ankle-length jeans are an absolute no-no for you. Cut-off pants draw attention to the ankles, making you look short. The key is to create straight lines with minimum visual distractions. If you want to go for pants that are ankle length then make sure they fit you perfectly.

7. You’re not choosing colours wisely

7 making you look shorter

Picking prints over solid colours, especially when it comes to jumpsuits and high waist pants is not the best idea. Prints will make your body look scattered. Instead, go for monochromatic colours. Solids, on the other hand, will give your body more shape.

8. Are you making people look down?

8 making you look shorter

Wearing accessories like chunky belts or jeans cutting off at an awkward length will draw unnecessary attention. Instead, dress it up by wearing a statement necklace or a pop-coloured lipstick that’ll automatically make people look up, creating a visually taller look.

9. Ditch those short culottes

9 making you look shorter

When buying culottes, go for long ones that cover your feet instead of short culottes that show your legs. Culottes, that cover your heel make it seem like your legs run all the way from your waist to the floor. You can also put on a pair of sexy stilettos with those culottes and nobody will know! *wink*

10. Bye bye horizontal stripes!  

10 making you look shorter

Vertical stripes is what you want, ladies. They visually create straight lines, making you look lean and tall. Horizontal stripes on the other hand, will make you look short and petite. So it’s time to ditch that horizontally striped dress, ladies!

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