10 Fashion Mistakes EVERY Girl Makes In Her 20s!

10 Fashion Mistakes EVERY Girl Makes In Her 20s!
Being girls, we naturally love all things fashion and our love for clothes is undying! We love experimenting and umm, shopping. But sometimes, these two don’t quite work in our favor. From being broke because of binge shopping to not repeating a fancy outfit more than once, here are 10 fashion mistakes every girl in her 20s has made at least once! Let’s see how many you can relate to!  

1. Buying something you thought would change your life forever!

Unless you’re buying an entire H&M store, there’s pretty much nothing that’ll totally change your life! Are you also guilty of splurging on that super expensive leather jacket that you thought you would wear with everything but never did, when you could have easily gotten one for much cheaper? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

1 fashion mistakes

2.  Not repeating your clothes enough

Aren’t we all so good at convincing ourselves that we shouldn’t repeat our fancy party clothes for months and months? Contrary to what we think, no one is actually keeping a track of how many times you wore what! Repeating clothes is absolutely fine. You’re not Taylor Swift that you need to wear new clothes every time you step out! Plus, you can try styling an outfit in different ways to reinvent it.

2 fashion mistakes

3.  Binge street shopping

And then complaining about being broke ALL the time! If you spend all your money on the streets of Sarojini, you’ll have nothing left to splurge when you hit the high street stores. We’ve all been there, no?

3 fashion mistakes

4. Buying the same thing over and over again…

…without realizing, of course! We all have a soft spot for at least one fashion item. It could be a basic white t-shirt in different styles or off-shoulder tops that look pretty much the same. Time to move on, girls! *Sigh*

4 fashion mistakes

5. Spending on shoes that killed your feet

Just because they were too pretty to let go! Nobody wants to miss the chance of owning a pair of extremely pretty shoes especially when they’re on sale. But girls, you’ve got to stop convincing yourself that uncomfortable footwear is going to be of any good. You’re probably never going to wear them after the first time they murdered your feet. Seriously!

5 fashion mistakes

6. Going shopping because you were bored

It’s a good idea to make shopping one of your hobbies when you have an infinite bank balance, not if you’re a college girl living on a budget. Impulsive visits to the mall only result in overly expensive purchases!

6 fashion mistakes

7. Buying a super expensive item and then never wearing it!

Waiting for the right occasion or the right pants to go with your sexy top from Forever New?  Sorry to burst your bubble but by the time the ‘right occasion’ comes around, chances are high that either the top will be too old fashioned or just too boring for you! Just wear that beautiful top already!

7 fashion mistakes

8. Hogging on trends

A wardrobe stacked with clothes that were once hot is not good idea. Why not add some fashion staples in your closet that define your personal sense of style? Once you find out what your personal style is and what goes well with your personality, you’re good!

8 fashion mistakes

9. Wearing your favourite ballerinas during monsoons…

...and then watching them die! Monsoons are probably the only season when you don’t have to worry so much about wearing beautiful footwear all the time. A cute pair of gum boots is a practical and fashionable statement for the rains. Save your pretty footwear for drier seasons!  

9 fashion mistakes

10. Buying a dress just because your bestie loved it!

We know she’s special and her opinion makes all the difference, but you’re the one who’s going to wear that dress after all! Even if your best friend thinks it’s amazing, unless you’re fully convinced about the dress, investing in it is not the best idea!

10 fashion mistakes

How many of these fashion mistakes are you guilty of making? Do let us know!

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