7 Fashion Items That Make You Look More Attractive - Instantly!

7 Fashion Items That Make You Look More Attractive - Instantly!
Wearing fashionable clothes and having our makeup done right may help amp up our style game, but do we always have time for that? Chances are, we don’t! However, there are few things in your closet that can instantly make you look more attractive. Here are 7 items that help you make a statement wherever you go - whether you want to catch someone’s eye or simply feel awesome about yourself!

1. Smart Sunglasses!

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People get lured into anything that has a hint of mystery attached to it, and that is one of the reasons why wearing sunglasses automatically make you look more attractive. Sunglasses hide the most intriguing feature of person’s face - the eyes - and this makes people more interested or excited to see more. Shades also create a pleasant symmetry on your face, making a person look more attractive.

2. Shoulder-baring outfits

Shoulders are known to be one of the sexiest and most feminine features of a woman’s body. Flaunt those delicate shoulders by wearing off-shoulder tops or dresses and look drop-dead gorgeous. Shoulder-baring outfits add a certain kind of glam to any look and make you look effortlessly beautiful.

3. The little black dress

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Karl Lagerfeld said, “One can never be too over-dressed or under-dressed in a little black dress” - and for good reason. The LBD has become one of the most iconic outfits for women and it has proved, time and again, that it can make anyone look stunning. If you are ever stuck in a style rut and you are not sure what to wear to an important event, the little black dress will always be a safe option.

4. Heels, of course!

Heels have been a woman’s best friend ever since they came into being many years ago. They are often the most important element of an outfit and they have the power to make or break the whole look. It is a commonly known fact that wearing high heels boosts a woman’s confidence, and we all know how attractive confidence can be. They also accentuate the way a woman walks and her posture in all the right ways.

5. Bright lip colour

look more attractive

Whenever you’re feeling low, there is nothing like a swipe of your favourite bright lipstick to brighten up your mood and your day. Wearing the right shade of lipstick according to your skin tone automatically makes you look super attractive even if you have minimal or no makeup on!

6. Bodycon silhouettes

Flaunt your figure in a sophisticated bodycon dress and break a few hearts. Bodycon silhouettes are known to make a woman look more attractive and flattering in every way. The accentuate your curves in the most flattering way and it is just so feminine and pretty to look at!


7. The colour red

Science has proven that humans are attracted to anything that comes in the colour red. No wonder red is the colour of love, romance and well, emergencies too. Wear a red dress or a red top and be irresistible!

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