How To Do A ‘Parlour Wala Facial’ At Home - 5 Simple Steps!

How To Do A ‘Parlour Wala Facial’ At Home - 5 Simple Steps!
We lead busy lives and often don’t have the time to go to the parlour and pamper our skin. But taking care of our skin should definitely be one of our top priorities, because things like dirt, pollution and the harsh rays of the sun, damage our skin and make it look lifeless and dull. Following a regular CTM routine (cleansing, toning and moisturizing) is essential for healthy skin, but a facial every few weeks helps rejuvenate our skin and makes it look gorgeous. Which is why this video that shows us how to do a salon style cleanup at home is so perfect.

The video demonstrates a simple five-step facial cleanup that starts with cleansing our skin, steaming, scrubbing, applying a face pack to nourish our skin and finally toning and moisturising. It is an easy to follow routine that will help our skin look healthy and radiant.
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