10 Genius Ways To Make Your Hair Look *Longer*

10 Genius Ways To Make Your Hair Look *Longer*
Patiently waiting for your hair to grow out? Wait no more! Lucky for you, we know of a few quick fixes! We promise that each one of these tricks will make your locks look long and gorgeous. Are you ready to give them a shot to fake longer looking locks? Here are 10 easy tricks for longer hair. (babe, you got this!)

1. Give Straightening A Shot

1 tricks for longer hair

Whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair, we want you to befriend the straightener. For curly haired girls, using a straightener is a boon as it gives your hair extra length and makes it a lot more manageable. If you have naturally straight hair, a flat iron will do your hair good simply because it will put that frizz to rest, add shine and length. Of course, keep in mind not to straighten your hair too often to avoid damaging and drying out your locks.

2. Layer It Out

Getting a haircut when you already have short hair seems absurd, right? Not really! It all depends upon the kind of haircut you go for. In our opinion, try opting for layers. The reason you should is because it will make your hair appear flowy, bouncy and longer. Getting regular trims is another way to go about it. It helps eliminate split ends and encourages the growth of long, strong and healthy hair.

3. Hello, Clip-In Extensions!

3 tricks for longer hair

Clip-in extensions are perfect for faking hair length. If you don’t plan on using them frequently, synthetic hair extensions are a better bet. They’re inexpensive and easily available online and at salons. You also have the option of investing in extensions made from real hair. The perks are that they can be washed, styled, curled, cut and maintained, just like you would do with your natural hair. They come in the form of tapes, clips and weaves. Which one will you ultimately settle for? We would recommend these easy to clip in extensions by BBlunt.

4. Something About Contrasting Colours

What colours you wear play a huge role in defining your hair’s length. Wearing colours that match the shade of your hair will simply allow it to blend in and appear shorter than it already is! That’s something you don’t want now, do you? Instead, wear contrasting colours so that your hair stands out and appears longer.  

5. It’s All About The Right Parting

5 tricks for longer hair

Nailing the right parting is so important because it indirectly determines the length of your hair. Ditch the side parting for a while and try a middle one instead. You see, a side parting gives the illusion of width, while a centre parting narrows down your hair and makes it appear longer. It’s  such a simple and a very clever trick you can live by.

6. Nail That Neckline

The golden fashion tip you must know is that anything that makes your neck look shorter, will give the illusion of voluminous, long hair. Scarves, turtlenecks, dresses and tops with round necks will bring out the best in your hair.  

7. Blow Drying Is The Way To Go

7 tricks for longer hair

Remember ladies, fuller hair always gives the illusion of long hair. That’s why you should definitely turn up the volume! All you’ve got to do is simply flip your hair over and blow-dry it. While you’re doing it, make sure that you shake the dryer a little so that the hot hair can make its way to the roots and add some bombshell volume.

8. Darker Hair Colours To The Rescue!

Did you know that by simply colouring your hair in a darker shade will automatically make your hair appear longer? Yep, it’s as simple as that! Try chocolate brown, rich burgundy, jet black or majestic plum, and you’ll see the difference! It will give your mane a thicker and longer appearance.

9. Have You Heard Of The Ponytail Trick?

9 tricks for longer hair

No matter how short your hair is, you must give this trick a shot! From the crown, tie up the top section of your hair and tie the rest of your hair in another pony at your neck. You can use bobby pins to secure the pony on top so that no gaps would be visible and also fan it out to conceal the second ponytail.If you want to nail it to perfection, check this fun ponytail video out! (You’re welcome!)

10. Avoid Using Hair Products

Stay away from hairsprays, gels and hair oils as they tend to weigh your hair down. Overuse of such products can also damage hair in the long run, make it stiff and cut down movement of your locks. Once in a while, take a break from them and leave your hair as it is.

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