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11 Cute Gifts You Can Make For *Bae* (Without Spending A Lot!)

11 Cute Gifts You Can Make For *Bae* (Without Spending A Lot!)

Want to show your boyfriend how much you love him? The sweetest way is to shower him with personalised gifts. If you can’t afford to spend a bomb on all those expensive presents.. here are 11 adorable DIY gift ideas that are easy, fun and super affordable!

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1. A picture board

What better way to tell him you love him than a cute picture board of the two of you? There are many variations to a picture board and you are free to add your own personal touch. But we absolutely love the way Lily Zhen has done her beach photo collage and can’t wait to try it ourselves!
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2. Exploding box

Exploding boxes are super sweet and so easy to make! They basically look like a box from the outside but once you open them, they explode into something else altogether. We love how Sunny Lin adds a little bit of her own memories to the box. It’s something we all can easily do.
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3. Mini folding album

An interesting take on photo albums. We’ve all made them at some point of time. Here is how you can make a tiny little folding album that your boyfriend can carry with him wherever he goes. Isn’t that awesome? Guidecentral English shows us the easiest way to make one.
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4. Nebula jars

Who doesn’t love a jar that sparkles and looks like magic? Nebula jars are just the addition your boyfriend’s table needs. They are funky, space-y and look super cool! Wendytung shows not one but two ways to create nebula jars.
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5. Open When letters

‘Open When’ letters are the perfect way to be with your boyfriend at every emotional stage of his life, especially if you’re in a long distance relationship. You can give him a, ‘Open when sad’ or ‘Open when happy’ letter. HeyImNatalia explains how she made adorable ‘Open When’ letters in such a simple way!
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6. A five senses gift pack

Get ready to satisfy all his five senses by creating a gift pack for each of them - Miriam Gallardo shows you how. You can always go an extra mile by adding a bit of personal touch and making it a memorable gift for him.
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7. Fortune cookies

Kary DeSoto’s quirky video to make even quirkier looking fortune cookies is awesome! Write a cute message and leave it for him on the table after dinner, or on his bedside table to give him little moments of happiness!
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8. Something sporty

Nothing shows a guy you love him than you showing interest in sports, especially the ones they like! They seriously dig that stuff. This basketball with a cute message, a chocolate or tickets to his favourite game inside it, is a sure shot way to bring a smile to his face! Senoritaxlena shows you how to make one.
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9. A care package

Men love to be pampered, and care packages are the best way to do that. Take inspiration from Melissa Nguyen’s anniversary edition and make a special care package, just for your boo. Add all the goodies he absolutely loves… because he’s worth it.
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10. Cute little bow ties

Well, it’s time to show some love for his wardrobe as well, right? Make him a bunch of cute bow ties that he can wear on a casual brunch date with you. Joshua Mcleod shows how men pull them off stylishly!
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11. Date night jar

If both of you are tired of deciding where to head for your next date then let fate decide. Make him a date night jar with all the things the two of you love to do together and let him choose where you’ll be going next friday night. xNormalxButxWeird shows you how to make one in an easy peasy way!
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So go ahead girls, let your creative juices flow and tell him how much you love him!
Published on Dec 18, 2016
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