Just Engaged? 10 Aww-dorable Ways To Let The World Know!

Just Engaged? 10 Aww-dorable Ways To Let The World Know!
It has finally happened! And you cannot wait to announce it to the world in giant skywriting! So, dear miss newly engaged lady, since you’ve been eagerly waiting to announce your new relationship status, we have some creative and super cute ways to announce your engagement to your friends and family. We promise you will all remember this forever!

1. Let the close ones know first

Before you post anything on social media, let your close ones know about the great news. If your man has finally proposed to you, your parents should be the first ones you inform. If you don’t want to break the news to them on the phone, leave them a note saying, ‘we need to talk’ and when they look at you wondering what went wrong, just flash your ring. Tears-of-joy situation is sure to happen, ladies.

1 ways to announce your engagement

2. Say it with pets

Let your puppy be the bearer of the good news. Take a picture of him/ her wearing a placard saying, ‘My humans are engaged’. Awww!

3. Let the ring say it all

Post a casual picture of yours wearing your ring and reading the morning newspaper. Wait till the comments on the new ring follow soon after.

3 ways to announce your engagement

4. Underwater photo shoot

We know every couple gets a pre-wedding shoot done, but why not try a post engagement photo shoot? Jump into the pool and hold a signboard saying, ‘We are taking the plunge’.

5. Deliver some sweets

It is not possible for you to send out sweets to everyone you know, but you could always send some treats to your immediate family and close friends. Once you’ve given them the good news, send them some gifts/ goodies. You could also customise the packaging with something like, ‘He popped the question!’

5 ways to announce your engagement

6. Engagement party

Bring together all your friends and family and throw a party. Raise a toast at the beginning of the party and announce your engagement to everyone!

7. Announce your soon-to-be title

Post a picture, or better still, send out a postcard with a picture of the two of you holding coffee mugs that read ‘Mr’ for him and ‘Future Mrs’ for you! Super cute idea, isn’t it?

7 ways to announce your engagement

8. Video where it all started

Go back to the place where you both met for the first time and announce your engagement to each and every person present there and send a video of the same to your near and dear ones. This would be a nostalgic moment as you both would be going to the place where your love story started.

9. Scrabble up the announcement

Use scrabble squares and your engagement ring in place of the ‘O’ in ‘I do’ or ‘Love’ to announce the good news to the world!

9 ways to announce your engagement

10. Fortunately engaged

You both are lucky to have found each other and have decided to take your relationship to the next level. Take a picture of your engagement ring sticking out of a fortune cookie to express how lucky you both are to have found each other.

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