Confessions Of A Girl Whose Boyfriend Is Obsessed With Oral Sex

Confessions Of A Girl Whose Boyfriend Is Obsessed With Oral Sex
Remember the line ‘I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that’ from Meat Loaf’s song?  Well, in my case the ‘that’ is oral sex. Although I am quite adventurous when it comes to sex and always ready to try new things, giving a blow job is something I could never do.

And then I started dating this guy who was very much into oral sex. A couple of months after we had started dating, the topic came up while we were sexting. Until that time we hadn’t had sex, but of course there were those passionate makeout sessions. He seemed rather enthusiastic while talking about it, and as I was reading his messages, I was thinking about how and when I should let him know my dislike for it. Somehow, that day the conversation was cut short and I couldn’t tell him. Later, one night while we were driving home after a date, he asked me the one thing that I would never do (in terms of sex). I knew this was the moment I should come clean and I gave him the bad news. Oh! The look on his face… He had this ‘Are you serious?’ look on his face and this unsaid ‘but’ lingered on his lips.

While I thought I had put a full stop to this subject, it had actually just started. He took this up as a challenge and when I got out of the car he said, ‘I am sure I will change your mind.’ He would talk more often about it, and even while sexting he would describe oral sex to me. The thing with him was, he was not just interested in getting a blow job, he actually liked going down on a girl.

We had a great chemistry and I was starting to like this guy a lot, so I kind of felt like giving it a shot. I Googled and read up on tips about oral sex; I wonder what I had expected to achieve by knowing all those things because, in the end, I still found the thought of going down on a guy revolting.

Internal Obsessed with oral sex

When we had sex for the first time we realized how in sync we both were with each other. There was no tension as such and he stayed clear of the forbidden topic. But he was still mentioning it whenever we talked about sex; he would suggest I try it the next time. He never did it in a rude or demanding manner, and I never felt he was forcing it on me.

It was new year’s eve and we were staying at this resort in a hill station near our city. I decided I would give oral sex a shot, we had been with each other for almost a year and I guess I got a little extra adventurous.

After a lavish dinner and some drinks at our private balcony, I pulled him closer to me and whispered, ‘I am ready to try it.’ He was ecstatic but still the poor guy checked, ‘Are you sure?’ I nodded and he lifted me up and carried me to the bed. And like a gentleman he went down on me first before making me go where I never had imagined I would.

Let me tell you, he really knew his way around. To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed it and experienced one of the best orgasms of my life that night.

Now the only problem was when it was my turn to ‘return the favour’. ‘Damn, you must really like this guy,’ I told myself. It was a disaster. I obviously knew nothing about it – all those tips and tricks I read about were useless. He tried to guide me and kept saying do this, don’t do that but after a minute or two we both realized it was a lost cause. I was terrible at it and he was not having a good time at all.

I was a bit embarrassed and sad, ‘I am sorry, I tried,’ I said. He just pulled me in his arms and replied, ‘I told you it won’t be good if you don’t like it. You gave it a shot for me and now we know it’s not your thing. Let’s just forget it.’

However, we found a middle way; he has never asked me for a blow job while I let him go down on me. It is something he had to do every time we have sex. And I am not complaining. That is what relationships are all about, right? Finding a way to work around issues.

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