10 Compliments Guys Pay Girls… And What They *Really* Mean!

10 Compliments Guys Pay Girls… And What They *Really* Mean!
When a guy gives you a compliment, you should know that he may not always mean the exact thing he says. You see, in an attempt to spare our feelings, they struggle to say what they really want to. So ladies, here’s some help! Here are a few compliments guys give and what they really mean...

1. When you ask him to choose an outfit for you.

What he says: ‘You look great in whatever you wear, sweetheart’

What he means: ‘I don’t understand what you mean by a peplum top or a skater dress, and I am pretty sure I never will. But you look great, nevertheless.’

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2. When you get your legs waxed...

What he says: ‘Did you get your legs waxed? They look so smooth!’

What he means: ‘Am I getting sex tonight? Am I?’

3. When you ask him ‘Do you notice something different about me today?’ and patiently wait for him to spot the change.

What he says: ‘You look different… Nice different.’

What he means: ‘I can tell you did something to your hair or your face but I don’t have the slightest idea what. Don’t be mad… Please?’

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4. When you make a joke that makes him laugh!

What he says: ‘Hahaha! You’ve got a great sense of humour!’

What he means: ‘OMG, she’s the perfect partner! She just gets me.’

5. When you give him a rose on the first day of Valentine’s week.

What he says: ‘Oh wow! That is so romantic… Thank you!’

What he means: ‘Wait… Does that mean we are celebrating the whole week? And I have to get you the teddy bear, the chocolates, the greeting card and the rest of the paraphernalia?’

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6. When you put in some extra effort to dress up and end up looking awesome!

What he says: ‘Wow! You look gorgeous today!’

What he means: ‘I cannot stop thinking about you naked.’

7. When you cook his fave food for him

What he says: ‘This is so AWESOME! It has never tasted better!’

What he means: ‘Well… Except when my mom makes it. But you don’t need to know that.’

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8. When you understand his geeky references!

What he says: ‘Oh wow! You know about this stuff? Such a smart cookie!’

What he means: ‘My girlfriend is a genius and all my friends need to know that ASAP!’

9. When you are getting ready for a movie and you start with your makeup...

What he says: ‘You don’t need makeup to look great. You are gorgeous just the way you are!’

What he means: ‘If you start doing your makeup right now then we are gonna be really really late and I don’t wanna miss the beginning!’

9 compliments guys give

10. When he is a little drunk

What he says: ‘I love you so much! I am so lucky to have found you and I am never letting you go!’

What he means: ‘I love you so much! I am so lucky to have found you and I am never letting you go!’

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