13 Things ALL Confident Girls Have In Common!

13 Things ALL Confident Girls Have In Common!
Confidence comes slow and steady. It’s not just a result, ladies, but also a process! But on your journey, you know you’d always have us to help around! Here are 13 common traits of confident girls that we all should follow!

1. They don’t blindly follow

Confident girls always weigh both sides of an argument before making a choice. They don’t follow the herd and neither do they create one. They respect the opinions of others but stay strong about their own opinions as well!

2. They know when to say no

Saying no is not a task for them. They are always up for new things and fresh perspectives but when a confident girl feels uncertain about something, she voices her opinion!

2 traits of confident girls

3. They let go

It’s easy to hold on to grudges in life... And that’s exactly why confident girls don’t do it! They know the importance of letting things go and starting afresh even if it's hard to do!

4. They’re supportive of others

Confident girls are ambitious but they never pull others down to get ahead. In fact, they support and help the people in their lives to reach new heights!

4 traits of confident girls

5. They value time

Confidence comes with careful and disciplined practices. And one of them is valuing time, yours and others. That’s exactly what confident girls do! They know you can’t bring back a moment gone and every single one of them is as important as the other.

6. They don’t hide their flaws

They are all about embracing their imperfections instead of hiding them. After all, it’s not perfection that they aim for but happiness and success.

6 traits of confident girls

7. They don’t compare

Comparing their life with someone else’s is one unhealthy practice that all confident girls steer away from! They know that there are two sides to every coin and that no one has it easy.

8. They listen

Though positive and confident women always take it upon themselves to start conversations and they are always up for sharing their ideas, they also know when to stop and simply listen and be there for people.

8 traits of confident girls

9. They start every day with a smile

Waking up grumpy is the worst morning ritual you can follow. Confident girls wake up calm, collected and with a smile on their faces even when the going gets tough!

10. They own their feelings

Human emotions are a twisted concept. Sometimes, we ourselves don’t realize why we feel a certain way. But it is important to admit our feelings to ourselves before anything else. It could be sadness, anger, jealousy or even love! Confident girls don’t bury their feelings, they accept them and then figure out what to do next!

11. They ask for help

You don’t always have to lead to be confident. Sometimes, you have to admit that you need help. Not shying away from asking about something you don’t understand or taking someone else’s help to figure out something you can’t on your own is not a sign of weakness. If anything, it’s a sign of maturity!

10 traits of confident girls

12. They release guilt

Guilt is an emotion that will come and go in everyone’s life. You will always regret something or the other and that regret will make you feel guilty. But here’s the thing - it will always pass. So take control, let the guilt go, and get ready to start afresh!

13. They are always looking for improvement

Because they believe that there is only one way to go from where they stand and that’s upwards!

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