9 AMAZING Tips To Enhance Your Cleavage!

9 AMAZING Tips To Enhance Your Cleavage!
We’ve got news for you, we’re so done with the old school bra rules that overused the word ‘minimizer’. Blame it on the Kardashian mania, but we prefer to happily and *confidently* flaunt what we’ve got. If you’re looking for some help in that department, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of amazing bra tips for a sexy cleavage.

1. Side boning helps

Believe it or not ladies, but bras with side boning majorly help. The bra frames are designed to pull your boobs closer by pushing them in from both the sides, instantly creating an illusion of a structured cleavage.

2. Using cookies/ silicones

2 bra tips for smaller boobs

Cookies, more commonly known as silicone pads, are easily available online.They’re inserted in your bra to make your boobs appear bigger. Place both the silicone pads towards the sides in a way that your boobs are pushed towards each other. Yes, it’s the easiest way to get some super sexy curves!

3. Try bra twisting

This is a slightly strange technique that can totally be your saviour, if you get it right. All you need to do is hold your bra straight, twist it from the center and put it on. This lifts your boobs up, creating a fuller cleavage.

Note: If done frequently, this trick can cause harm to your bra. So don’t try it on a baby that you love.

4. Know how to wear your bra

4 bra tips for smaller boobs

It’s a very important step that you might have been skipping on all along. The right way to wear your bra is by leaning forward and letting your boobs fall into the cups. Then, push your breasts from the sides to make sure they fit just right.

Got some questions? Watch this tutorial to get it right.

5. Tape your boobs

Planning on wearing a risky low-cut dress? Then you should know about this famous Kim Kardashian cleavage technique. All you need to do is to tape your boobs, starting from underneath up till your shoulders. And just like that, you’ve got the perfect lift!

6. Choose dresses with neckline detailing

6 bra tips for smaller boobs

Frilled, jewelled and ruffled necklines draw attention to your boobs, making them look bigger and hence creating an illusion of a fuller cleavage. Time to go shopping!

7. Choosing the right bra

We can’t seem to say this enough - you should get a professional bra fitting done if you haven’t already. While padded bras work wonders, go for bras with a side boning. You can give the balconette bra a try as it features side boning.

8. Try contouring

10 bra tips for smaller boobs

Contouring can really help you enhance your assets. Contour the insides of your boobs with a darker foundation, highlight the upper part and blend well. And just like that, makeup comes to the rescue!

Watch the tutorial here.

9. Wearing a corset

This might sound drastic, but hear us out. Corsets are known to squeeze your waist and make it look tiny. So the trick here is that when it makes your waist look slimmer, your boobs automatically appear bigger!

You can thank us later, ladies! *wink*

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