The *Hottest* Beauty Trends Of 2016... In Pictures!

The *Hottest* Beauty Trends Of 2016... In Pictures!
2016 has been a big year for beauty. From makeup trends to colourful hair - this year has seen it all and frankly, we don’t blame you for finding it difficult to keep up with all the beauty twists and surprises. That’s why we decided to round up all of the hottest beauty trends of 2016 through Instagram pictures. It’s not too late to try some of these super cool trends if you haven’t already. We’re pretty sure most of these will definitely continue to rule runways and Instagram trends well into the new year!

1. Glitter lips

1 beauty trends of 2016

Image: Namrata Soni on Instagram

While matte lips are definitely ruling, sparkly, shimmery lips have also been a major trend du jour in the last few months. Ruby red glitter lips sure are mesmerizing, try them and we dare anyone to look away!

2. Chrome Nails

2 beauty trends of 2016

Image: Nail Sunny on Instagram

This shiny new manicure is one trend that we all should try. Pretty, mirrored nails are sure to bring plenty of glam to your daily style.

3. Rainbow Hair

3 beauty trends of 2016

Image: Maddie Mansell on Instagram

This hair colour trend is just so gorgeous! The best part is that now you can actually colour dark hair any shade of the rainbow, without having to bleach your locks first. Go subtle or go all out, the choice is yours. Either way, your hair has never looked this cool!

4. Non-Touring

4 beauty trends of 2016

Image: Gigi Hadid on Instagram

Move aside contouring! That’s so 2015! Good news for all you girls who just couldn’t seem to wrap your head around all those contouring tutorials. This year was big on the fresh-faced, no-makeup look, otherwise known as non-touring. This low-maintenance, ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ trend consists of 3 easy steps - start with a luminizing primer, then blend on some tinted moisturizer to even out your complexion and finish by swiping on highlighter on your cheekbones, cupid’s bow and down the bridge of your nose. Voila! Such a natural beauty, you!

5. Jewel Toned Eyeshadow

5 beauty trends of 2016

Image: Diane von Furstenberg on Instagram

Shimmery, jewel-toned colours in blue, green, purple and red on the eyes were a favourite runway look around the world. We think it’s absolutely stunning and the best part is, these colours look fabulous on Indian skin tones.

6. Boy Brows

6 beauty trends of 2016

Image: Summer Tran on Instagram

Natural, bolder brows have definitely taken over but this year saw an extension of that trend. ‘Boy brows’ are a thick, straight brow with hardly any arch in them. These no-arch brows are believed to knock years off your face, giving you a fresh, youthful appearance. Celebs like Emma Watson and Victoria Beckham have popularized the trend

7. Rainbow Highlighter

7 beauty trends of 2016

Image: Chaos Makeup on Instagram

Want a unicorn makeover? Just get your hands on a rainbow highlighter. These kaleidoscope luminizers bring a lit-up glow to your skin with subtle rainbow-esque tints. The makeup world went crazy over these highlighting palettes introduced by Chaos Makeup.

8. Brown Lipstick

8 beauty trends of 2016

Image: Kylie Cosmetics on Instagram

No we don’t mean those frosty brown lips from the ‘90s! This year, gorgeous matte lips have gained immense popularity. We think these neutral shades look great and can pull a whole look together.

9. Super Thin wings

9 beauty trends of 2016

Image: Kendall Jenner on Instagram

Super thin lines and flicks are a great way to make your eyes look bigger without being too dramatic. We think it’s a great eyeliner style for everyday wear. Pair it with shimmery eyeshadow in a neutral colour to seriously make your eyes pop and look super polished.

10. Twisted Hair

10 beauty trends of 2016

Image: Public School on Instagram

This super easy hairstyle is a stylish take on a regular ponytail. Simply twist around 2 sections of your hair down to the ends and you have yourself a runway-ready look. So simple but so fabulous!

11. White inner corners

11 beauty trends of 2016

Image: Huda Beauty on Instagram

One of our favourite makeup hack has officially become a trend! We’ve always said to blend on some white shadow on the inner corners of your eyes to help open them up and give you a dewy finish. It really helps!

12. Glossy skin

12 beauty trends of 2016

Image: Summer Tran on Instagram

This skincare trend aims at mimicking that sheen you get after dancing for a few hours, but minus the sweat, of course. Basically, you gotta skip the foundation and instead apply a thin layer of Vaseline or clear lip gloss on your lids, under eyes and cheekbones for that glossy effect.

Featured Image: Shutterstock