13 Tiny Things EVERY Girl Loves About Being In A Relationship!

13 Tiny Things EVERY Girl Loves About Being In A Relationship!
What is a relationship? Is it just grand romantic gestures like they show in the movies? Or is it all those cute little moments in a relationship that make it worthwhile? If you ask us, we’d vote for the latter! Here are 13 little things that come in a relationship ‘package deal’ and make us glad we are in one!

1. Little surprises!

Forget about your man standing outside your house in the rain with a bouquet in his hand, we’d rather have little post-it notes everyday telling us how much he loves us, just because.

1 little moments in a relationship

2. Someone to call in the middle of the night

When we’re scared after watching a horror movie or just too tired to fall asleep (that happens, right?), we always have that one number on speed dial. And the comfort of it is overwhelming when you spend hours discussing just why the stars shine so bright.

3. A personal cheerleader

Here is a person who will stand by you and tell you that you are worth this and much much more! Who will carry your weight on his shoulders when you are too tired because he knows you’d do the same for him!

3 little moments in a relationship

4. Hanging out in your PJs

Once you are over with the honeymoon phase, you enter the comfort phase and it’s the best! You don’t have to get up and lather your face with makeup before he comes over. You can be in your two-day old PJs and he’d love you all the same!

5. All that easy to get snuggling...

...when you really need it! You don’t even have to say anything, all you need to do is pull out your grumpy face and you get a free snuggle!

5 little moments in a relationship

6. Someone to make vacay plans with

Even when half of them will fall through, you will have someone to run to when you hear of the new trekking expedition!

7. An excuse to skip everything!

Your partner will be your best excuse to get out of anything and everything! A party you don’t want to attend? Friends you don’t wish to meet? Just make up an excuse around them and nobody will be able to stop you! After all, they know how important he is!

7 little moments in a relationship

8. Someone who will leave the last bite for you

We mean, that’s relationship goals 101 right there!

9. A bitching partner!

Who says you need a best friend to bitch? Your partner works just fine! You can bitch about anything and everything without being judged!

9 little moments in a relationship

10. Someone to have sex with forever!

Let’s not forget that you have a person who will always just be a booty call away! And he definitely won’t be judging you for being desperate!

11. Or even just sleep next to

And on the days when you don’t want to have sex, you have someone to spoon with, hold hands or just lie next to in bed!

11 little moments in a relationship

12. Massages

We’re not just talking about shoulder massages, we’re talking about massages in all the weird places like your butt! You know you need it now and then, and who better to get it from than your partner?

13. Someone with whom you can binge watch all your TV shows

Netflix and chilling is your new dating mantra for a long long time to come!

13 little moments in a relationship

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