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8 *Sweet* Things To Do For Your Bestie Before She Gets Married!

8 *Sweet* Things To Do For Your Bestie Before She Gets Married!
When your best friend announces that she is going to get married, you experience a whole host of emotions! From being super excited about her upcoming nuptials to realising that you now have to share your bestie with her husband. You are torn between the two, but you still want to make sure that this journey is going to be as smooth as possible for her. Because deep down you know that despite the fact that she is about to start a new phase in her life and things are bound to change - your friendship with her never will. So here are 8 things you can do to make your bestie feel super special before she gets married.

1. Go shaadi shopping with her!

We all love shopping but wedding shopping is a completely different ball game. We start panicking when we have to shop for a date so imagine the stress of looking for the perfect outfit for your wedding! Pitch in as much as you can and join her for as many shopping expeditions as possible. She values your opinion and knows that you will make sure she looks gorgeous on her big day! Don’t forget to take her lingerie shopping ;)  Bonus? You can sneak in a present for her in the midst of all the chaos. She will just love you so much more!

2. Para-para-paradise

Getting married is super stressful. So help her unwind by planning a short getaway. Think of someplace fun where you guys can spend some quality time together and simply chill. Go out for the weekend or plan a staycation - whatever suits your budget. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just as long as you can gossip, giggle and stay up all night watching your favourite movies. After all, these are the moments that you will remember for the rest of your life. best friend getting married

3. Reeelaaxxxx!

This one is super easy to do and will make your bestie feel sooo good by the end of it. Book her a spa appointment so that she can relax after a long day of running around. This is truly what best friends are for! The luxurious Mediterranean themed spa by MyGlamm provides an unforgettable, authentic experience by using high-quality products by L’OCCITANE. The massage incorporates various techniques like Swedish strokes, Chinese acupressure and Balinese massage techniques to help relieve tension. The best part is that she can get it done at home!!! So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment now. 

4. Slide, slide baby!

Admit it over the years your bestie and you have shot about a million pictures together. Making a slideshow with all your favourite pictures will make her feel super nostalgic! From cute pictures of you guys in diapers to pictures of the awkward teenage years. Don’t forget to add funny captions so that she truly enjoys the walk down memory lane. P.S. if you are good at arts and crafts or DIY projects you could make her a lovely album with all your pictures! best friend getting married (5)

5. Wedding planner

Wedding planning is a huge pain in the ass. There are so many details to look into and a million loose ends to tie up. Months and months of effort goes into planning a marriage - it is not an easy job. No matter how much help she has from everyone around her, she will still need some from you too. Help her with the card selection or help her choose a DJ, small things that sound trivial but will make a huge difference.

6. Dancing queen

Choreograph a super sweet number for her sangeet. You know her favourite song, and you know her favourite dance moves. So make sure you plan a surprise performance for her and don’t forget to call her on stage to join you. Or if she isn’t a big fan of impromptu dancing you could even choreograph a dance routine that the two of you could perform together. best friend getting married (2)

7. Get a tattoo together

Remember that tattoo you always wanted to get done? That best friends forever tattoo, or your initials? This is the time to get one with her. She is starting a new phase in life and things will not be as they were but the tattoo will serve as a constant reminder of your friendship. You could look at it ten years down the line and it will still make you smile.

8. Just be there for her!

Basically this is the time she needs you the most. Not just to help her with all the wedding details but also to simply be there for her. Put up with her tantrums, hear her out when has complaints (no matter how silly) and of course wipe away her tears when the stress gets too much for her. She is after all moving away from home and marrying into a whole new family and that can be super scary. So, give her a hug, sometimes that’s all she needs to make things better. best friend getting married (3) GIFs: Giphy *This is a sponsored post for MyGlamm