Deepika padukone hairstyles

11 Fabulous Deepika Padukone Hairstyles that You Need in Your Life!

Sanya Jain

Guest Contributor

Deepika Padukone revolutionized the pouf hairstyle, but that’s not all she did! From boho waves to pretty updos, Deepika is constantly giving us mane inspiration. So we decided to round up the best Deepika Padukone hairstyles. We can’t wait to try them out, what about you?

1. Waterfall Braid Wowing!

1 deepika padukone hairstyles

Image: Deepika Padukone on Instagram

An interesting twist to your regular ponytail, we found inspiration in Deepika’s waterfall braid. We’re sure this easy-breezy feminine hairstyle is going to turn heads at your next date with that cute guy! It’s also great for getting your bangs off your face. You can learn how to master it here.

2. Sleek And On-Fleek

2 deepika padukone hairstyles

Image: Namrata Soni on Instagram

Want to keep it classy and simple? All you need is a hair straightener and a hairspray for this look. It looks fabulous, especially if you want to tone down your voluminous hair, and works for everything from formal meetings to parties. We think sleek hair like this looks amazing with dramatic eyes.

3. Pouf Ponytail

3 deepika padukone hairstyles

Image: Deepika Padukone on Instagram

Deepika’s iconic pouf is played to its full advantage here, and we can’t wait to rock this style for ourselves! It’s the perfect everyday look and so easy to learn too. All you need is a bit of backcombing on the crown, some hairspray and a couple of pins to secure the pouf. Learn how to perfect the pouf here.

4. Floral Chic

4 deepika padukone hairstyles

Channel in your inner retro diva with this floral bun! This elaborate Deepika Padukone hairdo is the one you must steal for the next wedding you attend. Create a center-parted updo adorned with your fave flowers and don’t forget the dramatic winged eyeliner. We bet all eyes will be on you with this fresh floral look!

5. The Messy Bun Chronicles

5 deepika padukone hairstyles

Image: Daniel Bauer on Instagram

There’s something so irresistible about messy buns and smokey eyes.This much-loved hairstyle is now endorsed by none other than Deepika Padukone herself. With slicked back hair pinned in a messy bun, we think it screams casual chic. The best part is, you needn’t worry about neatness or perfection with this style. Perfect for college, isn’t it?

6. Twisted Back

6 deepika padukone haistyles

Image: Deepika Padukone on Instagram

Whether you have long hair or short, straight hair or curly, this Deepika Padukone haircut will look amazing on you! It’s so simple to do too! Just twist two strands of hair from either side and pin them back, and you’re good to go! Next time you don’t want to put in too much effort but still want to look super glam, try this style!

7. The Braid With A Bit Of Quirk

7 deepika padukone hairstyles

Simple, easy and neat, the regular braid is our go-to Deepika hairstyle for a good reason. Deepika rocked it in Cocktail with two hair ties - one red and one blue - and that’s a quirky twist we can’t wait to try out next time. Go crazy with your hair ties we say!

8. Pull It Back!

8 deepika padukone hairstyles

Image: Deepika Padukone on Instagram

Hair pulled away from the face seems to be a Deepika favourite, and we can see why. It’s convenient and pretty too! For this style, the side parting and the iconic puff, paired with simple and straight loose hair, come together to form a gorgeous style!

9. Messy Undone Braid

9 deepika padukone hairstyles

Image: Daniel Bauer on Instagram

A super-messy deconstructed fishtail braid is going to be our next favourite hairstyle! We love love love how it looks on Deepika, and we’re sure it’s going to look stunning on you as well!

10. Voluminous Vixen

10 deepika padukone hairstyles

Image: Deepika Padukone on Instagram

Go big or go home! We love the bouncy, voluminous style. Get the look with a curler and a volumizing spray for your next party!

11. Top Notch

11 deepika padukone hairstyles

Image: Daniel Bauer on Instagram

A sassy top bun says cool, confident and stylish. Steal this super high top knot from Deepika for your next office meeting or casual brunch - it works for all occasions!

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Published on Dec 01, 2016
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