15 Things Every Girl Should Know To Avoid A Bikini Wax Disaster

15 Things Every Girl Should Know To Avoid A Bikini Wax Disaster

Whether it’s your first time getting a bikini wax or your fiftieth, there’s no denying that it can make you a little nervous. What if it burns? What if you end up with rashes? What if you can’t take the pain?! So what steps can you take to avoid a bikini wax disaster? Here are some important tips to ensure that your bikini wax goes off smoothly without a hitch or any post-wax problems!

1. Make sure the parlour is hygienic

Always go to a reputed parlour that follows basic hygiene standards. When it comes to waxing, make sure they use disposable waxing strips, a clean applicator and fresh wax (not wax that has been leftover from a previous client’s visit)! If you feel like the place is not hygienic enough, leave immediately.

2. No double dipping

Also ensure that your waxer does not double dip the spatula over and over again during waxing.  Double dipping can lead to a cesspool of various clients’ hairs, skin, blood and germs - something you definitely don’t want!

3. Drink loads of water, but no coffee

Keeping yourself hydrated before a bikini wax appointment is important. It makes your skin softer and more supple, ensuring a relatively smoother bikini wax experience. Also avoid any stimulants like alcohol and caffeine before the appointment - they can shrink your pores and make the waxing experience more difficult and painful.

4. Take a shower before the appointment

Come prepared by coming in clean. Remember that the waxing lady is going to be touching you, and you’ll feel less self-conscious if you’ve taken a shower and dried yourself well before the appointment. And, of course, she’s going to thank you for it!

5. Time it right

Don’t get yourself waxed three days before or after your period. This is the time when your body is extra sensitive and your immunity is lowered. To avoid the unnecessary pain and risk of infection, time your appointment a week before or after your period.

6. Your hair should be 1/4 inches long

Stop shaving about three weeks before your waxing appointment. Wax won’t be able to pick up hair that is too short, and that can lead to a ‘bumpy’ waxing experience. To ensure a smooth and fuss-free bikini wax, make sure that your hair is about a quarter of an inch long. If it’s longer than that, you can trim it before the appointment.

7. It shouldn’t be too hot to handle

Make sure that the waxer tests the temperature of the wax on her hand before applying it to your bikini area. Since your skin ‘down there’ is very soft and sensitive, you definitely don’t want wax that’s too hot burning you!

8. Find a trained waxer

A bikini wax is going to hurt a little, and there’s no getting around that. However, a waxing lady with proper training knows that applying pressure to the area after pulling a waxing strip off takes the edge off the pain. Insist that your waxer does that to help ease the sting.

9. Avoid ingrown hair

Pesky ingrown hairs can be very painful - especially when they’re down there! The key to preventing ingrown hair is exfoliation. Make sure you use a gentle exfoliator to scrub your bikini area three days before and then three days after the waxing. This will prevent any ingrown hair.

10. Take a painkiller if you have a low threshold for pain

A bikini wax typically hurts more than any other part of your body, given that the area is so sensitive. If you have a very low threshold for pain, you can consult your doctor and take a safe over-the-counter painkiller before the appointment.

11. Apply a hydrocortisone cream

A hydrocortisone cream is applied topically and helps reduces redness, bumps and skin irritation. Make sure you use one after the waxing is done to soothe the area and prevent any irritation. You can even use a simple skin cream like Soframycin.

12. Wear comfortable cotton panties afterwards

Your skin needs to breathe after the waxing, so carry a comfortable and clean pair of cotton panties to wear after the waxing is done. Avoid any tight innerwear and synthetic fabrics for at least a few days afterwards to prevent any rashes and infections.

13. Make sure all the wax is removed

Ensure that the area is cleaned properly and all remnants of wax are removed before you pull your panties on again. If you see any wax, you can remove it with a little bit of olive oil on a cotton ball.

14. Avoid the 4 Ss

No sun, steam bath, synthetics and sex for at least 48 hours after the bikini wax. You’re at increased risk for sunburn as your skin is very sensitive after a wax. After the wax, to cool the area down, go for a cold water bath instead of a sauna or a steam bath. Avoid synthetic fabrics and, finally, also avoid sex for about two days as your body is more susceptible to infections.

15. Finally, do not try this at home

There’s a huge difference between waxing your legs and waxing your bikini area at home! Leave the bikini wax to professionals who have the right equipment and expertise to ensure optimal results and to prevent any at-home disasters. Internal Images: Shutterstock