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#BeautyDiaries: My Homemade Face Wash Gave Me Glowing Skin!

#BeautyDiaries: My Homemade Face Wash Gave Me Glowing Skin!

A few months back I realized that my skin was in dire need of attention. My hectic lifestyle and the fact that I ignored skincare had made my skin dull and lifeless. I also started noticing random breakouts, which had never ever happened before. So, around 5-6 months back, I decided to stop using a face wash or any chemicals on my face. I started using multani mitti and water as a face wash for my oily skin and it really helped! My breakouts stopped and my skin became better.
However, as the winter started setting in, I discovered that multani mitti may not be enough. My face started to feel a little dry. Also, a lot of times I would just be too lazy to make my little mixture every time I wanted to wash my face. So I knew I needed a better plan, definitely something more nourishing and that is when I came up with my own chemical free homemade face wash. And guess what? It has no chemicals! All the ingredients are as natural as can be and are also easily available. Internal chemical free homemade face wash Here’s what I did… I have an aloe vera plant in my balcony so I sliced up one of the leaves of the plant and scraped out all the gel from it. It came out in chunks, so I put it in a mixer in order to make it usable. Next, I added a few drops of honey to it and 2-3 pinches of neem powder. I have a small box full of neem powder which I have made by drying and grinding neem leaves. I mixed all of this together and then gradually added multani mitti till I achieved a paste-like consistency. And I was done! I simply put it in a small container and refrigerated it. I regularly use it to wash my face and I must admit, I could not be happier and neither could my skin! Every wash leaves my skin soft, supple and clean. The biggest satisfaction that I draw out of this is the fact that I do not need to use unnecessary chemicals on my face, especially since I have extremely sensitive skin.
You can add more or leave out an ingredient or two based on your skin type. Try this for a week and see if it works for you too! This can also double up as a face pack. That’s actually what I do on weekends. I apply the mixture on my face and let it dry for about 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with water. Another habit I’ve developed, and highly recommend, is to use this face wash once before going to bed. I follow it up with a face massage using a little bit of moisturizer. You will definitely see what a miracle this is, the morning after! So no matter how fancy a face wash is and how divine it smells, I have vowed to not use one on my face and so far I am sticking to my promise!
Published on Dec 24, 2016
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