10 Beauty Products You Shouldn’t Be Wasting Your Money On!

10 Beauty Products You Shouldn’t Be Wasting Your Money On!
There are some beauty products out there that unfortunately aren’t worth the splurge. They may have an attractive packaging, but for the price and everyday utility, they certainly don’t make the cut. Here are 10 such beauty products you shouldn’t be spending on because you don’t really need them in your life.

1. A Lip Exfoliator

A lip exfoliator sounds exciting and tempting, but do you really need one? That’s the real question! A lip exfoliator is basically like a lip balm that’s packed with scrubby bits with the goal to remove dry, chapped skin from your lips. If you ask us, it’s kind of overpriced. Go natural instead!

Try THIS instead:

Make a mix using olive oil and sugar crystals. Apply it to your lips, and use the bristles of a toothbrush to scrub the dead skin off. Once your done, wash your lips and pat dry. You can apply a bit of good old Vaseline afterwards so that your lips become soft, supple and smooth.

2. Shaving Cream

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Shaving creams are believed to help soften hair follicles and enable the razor to glide with ease. In reality, shaving creams do cost a lot of money and you can totally live without them.

Try THIS instead:

Your regular soap can be used in place of a shaving cream. You can also use your hair conditioner to do the trick. After shaving, don’t forget to slather a layer of cream on your skin to keep it moist and fresh.

3. A Toner

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Even though toners help cleanse your skin of makeup residue, dust, grime and bacteria, they’re still an unnecessary splurge. The alcohol content and astringents in them can strip skin of its natural oils and dry it out.

Try THIS instead:

A face wash or rosewater do a fab job at removing dirt from the skin. If you have combination skin and don’t want to experiment with products, you can use cucumber slices. They absorb oil and hydrate your skin at the same time! For dry and sensitive skin, you could boil a cup of water on slow fire and add a few mint leaves to it. After a couple of minutes, turn off the gas and dip a ball of cotton into the liquid. Apply it to your skin and give it a gentle rub. Works like a charm all the time.  

4. Anti-Cellulite Cream

Who doesn’t want firm legs, right? That doesn’t mean that you have to invest in a body firming lotion especially for that. Most of these lotions do well in the market only because they contain caffeine that helps improve blood flow and hydrates skin - it does NOT reduce cellulite.

Try THIS instead:

If you really want to lose that cellulite, you should start eating food that doesn’t contain much sugar and sodium as well as try dry brushing in the shower. The other way to lose weight is by hitting the gym and exercising regularly. Remember this ladies - no pain, no gain!

5. Shower Gel

Shower gels may seem hygienic and smell divine, but they’re not good for your skin in the long run. Most of them contain lauryl sulphate, parabens and diethanolamine - harsh chemicals that can dry out skin and penetrate into your bloodstream in extreme cases.

Try THIS instead:

Choose an organic bar of soap rather than shower gel because it’s milder and much gentler on the skin. Instead of damaging your skin, it will nourish and soften it.

6. Hand, Neck & Foot Cream

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Trust us, you really don’t need different creams to cater to different parts of your body, you needn’t fall for such marketing stunts. In reality, you require just ONE good cream for your body to do the needful.

Try THIS instead:

Invest in just one good body moisturizer or a plain body lotion to nourish, moisturize and hydrate dry and flaky skin.

7. Eye Cream

You have to understand that dark circles and puffy eyes are caused due to three common factors - diet deficiency, genetics and sleep deprivation. An eye cream can serve as a temporary solution, but if you ask us, it’s expensive and you could do much better by going natural.

Try THIS instead:

The key is to moisturize regularly and drink lots of water so that your skin stays hydrated and glows throughout the day. Get enough of sleep and eat healthy, leafy veggies as they are abundant in vitamins and minerals!

8. Dandruff Shampoo

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What if we told you that dandruff shampoo doesn’t get rid of it, but only aggravates it? Yes, the truth stings like a bee. Dandruff shampoos can do more bad than good by drying out your scalp. If you must, use them once a week or less.

Try THIS instead:

Brush your hair often, massage your scalp, get good rest, and consume food that’s rich in minerals and vitamins. All these factors stimulate your scalp, redistribute natural oils and aid skin shedding. There are plenty of natural remedies to get rid of dandruff too. Change your lifestyle for better hair days ahead!

9. Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are pretty expensive, but most of them are packed with harsh chemicals which may not agree with your skin. If you really want to exfoliate your skin, there are cheaper and healthier options out there!

Try THIS instead:

Yes, the ingredients lying around in your kitchen are your answer! They aren’t expensive and do a fabulous job at nourishing your skin and giving it a radiant glow. You need 2 lemons and 2 ½ tablespoons of sea salt. Squeeze the juice of both lemons and add a couple of drops of almond oil and sea salt. Blend all the ingredients well, and apply the mixture all over your body. Wash it off with room temperature water after 30-45 minutes. For more natural body scrub recipes, click here!  

10. Lip Balms

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Have you been told that the only way to hydrate and moisturize your lips is to use a lip balm? That’s not true. Since the skin on the lips is dry and doesn’t produce oil, it needs a bit of protection and care. Most lip balms contain alcohol and you know what alcohol does, right? It dries your skin out!

Try THIS instead:

Make use of natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil or beeswax as they’re super effective and will make your lips smooth, supple and baby soft!

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