10 Bad Beauty Habits EVERY Girl Should Give Up In Her 20s!

10 Bad Beauty Habits EVERY Girl Should Give Up In Her 20s!
As much as we’d love to have a healthy skincare regime three times a day, clock in 8 hours of beauty sleep and suddenly develop a love for leafy veggies, we need to be realistic. While we can’t fight our lazy girl habits entirely, there are certain things that we’re doing (or not doing) that are definitely damaging our skin in the long run. It’s important to break these bad beauty habits in your twenties for much healthier, fabulous looking skin, well before your thirties and forties. Use this guide and we promise, you’ll be closer to the skin of your dreams!  

1. Stop Wearing Cheap Sunglasses With No UV Protection

We get it, your sunnies are super cool and trendy, but if they’re not providing your eyes the protection they should, they’re pretty pointless. Of course we know that sunglasses are a definite style statement and can make you feel super glam, but if they’re not providing enough protection then you can end up squinting in the sun. And do you know what that leads to? Crow’s feet! Invest in good quality sunnies that look fab and at the same time provide great protection. You’ll be glad you did, a few years down the line!

2. Stop Staying Up Late

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Your early twenties are probably the only time where you can party till 3 am and still function at work the next day. But that doesn’t mean that you should! Too many late nights followed by early mornings really do take a toll on your skin, even if you don’t feel it just yet. Not getting enough down time can negatively impact your brain energy levels, mess with your skin and can make you look older than you are. Dullness, dark circles, puffy eyes, sallow skin are all results of sleeping late. Do yourself a favour and make it a point to catch up on your beauty sleep as often and as much as you can.

3. Stop Those Toner Troubles

On one hand not using a toner is a common mistake a lot of us make, while on the other hand, toners can be harsh on the skin since most of them contain alcohol, which is super drying. Well girls, not using one can be the cause of visible pores, greasiness and dull skin. But don’t go splurge on one just yet. Rose water is what you should be using as a toner since it doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients, refreshes your skin, reduces the appearance of pores and helps your complexion look fresh and dewy.

4. Stop Washing Your Hair Everyday Or Not Often Enough

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It’s common to wash your hair everyday to fight oiliness, but this is actually making the situation worse. Shampooing your hair too much can dry up the scalp (and your strands), causing it to produce more oil. Thus, making it a vicious cycle. You should definitely stop the daily hair wash. But, on the other hand, not washing your hair often enough is also a big no-no. Washing your hair once a week or less will only cause super greasiness and product build-up. Ideally, you should be washing your hair two to three times a week - not more and not less than that!

5. Stop Being Stuck In A Beauty Rut

If you’ve been using the same skincare or makeup products for ages now, you’re definitely guilty of this. You could be missing out on something that is ideal for you, because you’ve been sticking to the same products for so long. Don’t hesitate to try something new. Skincare formulas are constantly improving, do some research or ask your friends about tried and tested products to shake up your routine. You might discover some products that work wonders for your skin. The same goes for your makeup. Don’t be afraid to experiment, your twenties are the best time to do that. You’ll probably find a striking lip colour you would never have tried but actually looks fabulous on you. Who knows, right?

6. Stop Going To Bed With Your Makeup On

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Okay, we’re all guilty of doing this at some point. Maybe we’ve stumbled into bed after one too many drinks, or are just too tired and lazy to take off our makeup after a super long day - either way, you’ve done it before and so have I! Just please don’t make it a habit. Sleeping with makeup on can seriously clog the pores causing breakouts and blackheads, speed up the aging process and can even cause bacterial infections. So to keep your skin healthy, clear and young, make it a point to take off your makeup before hitting the sack. Keep a box of makeup removing wipes on your bedside stand if you have to!

7. Stop Fiddling With Your Hair

A lot of us play with our strands, twist them and pull at them while we talk or concentrate without even realising it. But we need to stop! Other than causing greasiness, even a gentle tug can cause enough damage over a period of time to cause hair fall. Make a conscious effort to stop playing with your strands ‘coz you may be doing it constantly, without even realising it.

8. Stop Resting Your Chin On Your Hands

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This isn’t great for your jawline (hello breakout central), nor is it doing anything for your posture. In fact, your hands should be no where near your face at any time. No more touching or picking at your skin or propping your chin in your hands if you want to avoid spots and zits. Also, stand up or sit tall, with your back straight. It’s also important to fix your posture and break that slouchy habit.

9. Stop Styling Your Hair ALL The Time

Constant blowdrying and flat-ironing may make your locks look great now, but not so much in the near future. It’s time to give it a rest! Fried ends, rough strands and lackluster locks are all a direct result of too much heat styling. Alter your hair routine to give your mane a break from heat a couple of times a week. Deep condition your strands, once a week, to restore nutrients lost and accept that you’ll have to tie your hair in a ponytail or top knot sometimes, instead of subjecting it to heat.

10. Stop Skipping The Sunscreen

10 bad beauty habits

Don’t we all know the importance of sunscreen? But we still leave home without applying it. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, leaving your skin exposed to the sun’s harmful rays can definitely cause skin damage, dark spots and premature aging. Don’t slack girls, your twenties is the time to really instill this habit and prevent these problems that will occur if you don’t. Trust us, your thirty year old self will be so grateful!

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