11 Slightly Awkward Things ALL Girls Do When No One Is Watching

11 Slightly Awkward Things ALL Girls Do When No One Is Watching
Us women are pretty mysterious in many ways. We can be as sneaky as ninjas, and never let you know what we’re upto... But if caught, it could land us in a pretty embarrassing soup. And trust us, no woman wants that to happen! Here are 11 slightly awkward things girls do when nobody's watching. (how many have you done?)

1. Quickly adjust your bra straps and cups before anyone spots you.

*Sigh* How we wish the bra could just STAY in one place!

1 awkward things girls do

2. Slyly check yourself out every time you walk by a mirror.

Yes, one glance is all it takes to check ourselves out.

3. Slurp on chai because, to be honest, it’s much tastier that way.

Yes, our desi habits kick in then...

3 awkward things girls do

4. Take a dozen pics of the clothes in a store even though you're not allowed to click pictures there!

Only to get them approved by your bestie, of course! *wink*

5. Sniffing yourself just to make sure that you smell alright!

All because you want your crush to sit closer to you...

5 awkward things girls do

6. Asking your friend to take a quick peep at your backside to see if there’s a stain or not.

This usually takes half a second to get done… But it just has to get done!

7. Scratch your lady parts secretly because, you know...they itch too sometimes.

Boobs, butt, armpits, crotch area - we’re hinting at you!

7 awkward things girls do

8. Secretly check out guys with your sunglasses on.

Wait? Weren’t sunglasses also invented for that?

9. Tell everyone that you’re on a diet, but sneakily eat the last slice of pizza when everyone is looking away.

Yep, our New Year’s resolution for 2017 is to not do this...that often.

9 awkward things girls do

10. Try to peep into someone else’s phone and sneakily read their text messages.

Admit it! You’re guilty of doing this one, even though you hate it when other people do this!

11. Yawn without covering your mouth.

Because who gives a hoot about manners when you're alone, right?

11 awkward things girls do

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